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Updates, Linkage, New Gear and Good Deals

Blog Updates
Next chapter in You Took Away Tomorrow will be posting late Sunday/early Monday. Looks like once per week is going to be the realistic frequency for new chapters. Thanks to all those who have been reading and contributing - it's been a fun time thus far. We're just getting cookin'...some big stuff planned.

Please share T-Blog with your friends and like-minded types. Links are highly appreciated!

I have a backlog of stuff that needs to be reviewed - so stay tuned for that.

Also have some cool stuff that I'm working on in the background...should be good. Stay tuned.

CommanderZero did a great write up on the MonoVault series of underground concealment devices earlier this week.

Check out the MS Clean Kit on Kickstarter - a cleaning kit shaped like a mag.

Reader and T-Blog friend Edwood passed along this video of escaping from zip cuffs.

New Products and Good Deals
HSP Thorntail Keymod
Haley Strategic launched a new version of their popular Thorntail light mount, designed to work with rails with the new Keymod-style mounting system.

I hadn't seen Keymod rails prior to this video, but it is pretty compellingly simple and functional. Check it out:

HSGI Inc. Loyalty Sale
High Speed Gear Inc., makers for the awesome TACO mag pouches and Costa Leg Rig are having a 15% off customer loyalty sale. Details on their FB page. Great opportunity to pick up top shelf nylon at discounted prices.

Hill People Gear
The Hill Brothers at Hill People Gear are launching some interesting new products--a new, medium-class pack called the Umlindi, stuff sacks and, in the near future, an innovative wood stove called the Shepherd Stove. The Shepherd Stove looks like another one of those so-simple-it's-genius designs.

LA Police Gear Sale
LAPG is running a 10% off sale today and tomorrow. Lots of good stuff to be had.