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Minimum Ammo Levels - Course Round Counts

How much ammo do I need for the end of the world is a common question and topic of discussion.

The answer is usually some variation of "a lot."

Since we're nearing the tail end of the biggest ammunition shortage in recent memory, we now have a small bit of experience in dealing with poor resupply of ammunition.

I'll wager that none of us have depleted our apocalypse reserves--no, what suffered has been our ability to get out there and train. Blowing through a hundred rounds at the range has become cost prohibitive, let alone a full fledged 3 day weapons course with a reputable instructor, where round counts easily top 1000 rounds.

Personally, I am beginning to use a rough average round count from several schools as the baseline, then doubling it. This gives enough ammunition to run through a training course and still have lots of ammunition left in reserve. Also, should the zombies arise and the communists invade, it's a lot of ammo to begin with.

Here are some rough numbers this approach gives you - tending towards the higher counts:
  • Semi-Auto Rifle: 3000 rounds
  • Sidearm: 2400 rounds
  • Shotgun: 1200 bird, 400 buck, 200 slug
  • Precision Rifle: 1200 rounds match ammo
.22lr notably not included.

Obviously, at today's prices, this is a sizable investment.

The ammunition horde is one area that I personally need to improve on, and as ammo prices fall back to earth, I will be looking to make some headway here.