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The Hoss on Diversification

The Hoss covers off on some of the advantages of diversifying your arsenal in case of a jack booted thug gun grab.

We've been talking about diversification for a while here - pretty basic strategy, tough to implement at times, but an all around good idea.

He's also 100% spot on that a gun fight on your front door against a government or vastly superior force is an all around bad idea. Best case, you see them coming and get out of dodge. Going to war on their terms, time table and where their superior force can be brought smashing down on you like a hammer of doom is a losing proposition.


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    darn,he said what I knew all along!! You can't fight a gunship or a tank...what amazed me is he didn't sound like a dumb azz redneck..

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2013

    You would have had to have done some naughty things to have a gunship or tank allocated to hunting you down!

    1. riverriderMay 17, 2013

      resist the footsoldiers and the tanks will follow. resist the tanks and gunships will follow. in other words, all you have to do "wrong" is resist.

  3. riverriderMay 17, 2013

    i respect hoss' opinion, and he's right about spreading out the preps. but if you can't beat them at home, how will a firebase be any dif if you don't have the supply/log train and the air cover/armor of your foes? and if they find ANY guns or "contraband" you are going to the goolag at best.so either don't be there, or resist in place and plan to die? yep, pretty much, and take a few with you. at least they'll know they've been in a fight. until a few people die in their homes i don't see anybody going jsoc trooper on the cops.

    1. Riverrider, I think the firebase is an analogy. He's not saying to go get all your buddies and make a firebase in the woods. The point I got out of that is you want to take the fight actively to an enemy, not wait till they come knocking at the front door.

      Also there is a clear distinction of whether people are being detained or simply having their property confiscated.

  4. Agree with Ryan. He's not suggesting holding out in a bunker somewhere with heavily armed buddies...that's not a winning proposition either. Asymmetrical warfare is more like it, I think