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Random Bits - Boston, Sale, Open Call for Logo/Banner Design

Pretty crazy happenings in Boston. As I type this, they're reporting the remaining brother is surrounded with possible shots fired. He's probably not long for this world...EDIT: Looks like they got him, alive. Musta ran out of bombs, ammo or the jihaddi will. We'll see where the media circus takes this.

My guesstimate for Al Queda sympathizing extremists looks to be fairly close. Surprising that they were able to ID the bombers as quickly as they did, though apparently the brothers didn't bother to bug out from Boston or take measures to avoid confrontation with police. Some of the family members are saying that it's a big conspiracy...which, well we'll see. Though engaging in a gun battle with police and lobbing home made hand grenades at them does not bode well for that theory.

The citywide lock down was fairly unprecedented, and of course brings up the questions of what you would do in that kind of scenario. Most people have enough food for at least a day or two in their home, and utilities were not cut off, so it's not a major hardship in that way. More concerning would be having a running gun fight break out in my neighborhood or having the lone, armed and desperate brother barge into my house and attempt to take my family hostage.

Solution to the first is knowing where you can take cover in your home. Exterior walls do not do a whole lot to stop bullets. Thick stacks of books/bookcases will do a pretty good job. Having a bathtub or heavy appliance between you and the gun fire would be a heck of a lot better than nothing, too. Stay low, keep your head down.

And, the solution to having a terrorist bust into your home is owning home defense firearms and knowing how to use 'em. Problem solving with hot lead.

Shotgun Cards
SKD Tac is having a 4 for the price of 3 sale on multicam Esstac Shotgun Cards, which I just reviewed a couple days ago. Awesome way to organize reloads for your gauge for not a lot of money. Here's the deal >

Call for Artist/Graphic Designer
I'm looking for a new banner design and logo for the blog. Probably a little less intense and foreboding. If you've got skills and can deliver high quality image files, e-mail me over your design portfolio and rate to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com. If I'm interested by what I see, we'll chat more.