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Background Check Push Fails to Clear the Senate

In what our President called a "shameful day," the expanded background check failed to clear the Senate. The President blamed the bill's failure on lies from the pro-gun community...instead of the fact that the bill was a 2nd amendment infringing piece of trash that would no nothing more than to make life more inconvenient for law abiding citizens.

The President also forgets that his camp is the one who uses lies and half-truths to promote his platform--for example, here's a blurb that the press is running about the bill:

"The proposal would have expanded background checks to gun shows and Internet sales while exempting personal transactions."

Which is, of course, silly, because Internet sales and FFL sales at gun shows are already subject to background checks. The bill was actually aimed at restricting the in-state sale/trade of firearms between law abiding individuals, and would have forced them to go through the standard NICS background check in order to make the exchange.

So if I want to give my friend, who I know is not a felon or otherwise prevented from legally owning a firearm, an old shotgun for his b-day, I need Uncle Sam's say-so or I'm suddenly a felon.

And, of course, the bill would do nothing to prevent gun runners, drug dealers and would-be mass murderers from illegally selling guns in a parking lot at 2am, but hey, they've gotta throw something out there, right?

More lies from the Obama Camp--

"This pattern of spreading untruths about this legislation served a purpose, because those lies upset an intense minority of gun owners, and that in turn intimidated a lot of senators."

Since when is millions of gun owners writing their representatives about supporting the 2nd Amendment "intimidation"? Isn't that what we do in a democracy? Or did Obama forget that this is not, yet, a dictatorship?

Of course, he places the blame squarely on the NRA, not the American people for pushing their Senators to vote "nay" on measures to restrict their freedoms. And look at how he paints his opponents as "an intense minority"--crazy fringe group in more diplomatic terms.

Anyways, since this isn't the last that we've heard of this bill, I'd say it's probably time to do some more of that writing. Those who voted against the bill are facing some heat now, while those who voted it for it need an earful from the "intense minority of gun owners."


  1. I'm mixed on this one. Most of the commentary from the left was that this would make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill from purchasing weapons and to that end I would say this is true. A required background check for sales between individuals would make it harder. Honestly, I have no problem with that IF there is a statement that this check cannot be charged as a service to individuals nor can it be taxed. Its another avenue for taxation for which they are so happy to do.

    The bill doesn't JUST address this "loophole" though. Its about funding for the background check system and if I recall it provides authority for the department of health and human resources to log those checks. Sure the BATF can't do that through NICS, but DHHR can.

    Off the top of my head I cannot recall what else was in there but basically it was a crock. I also find it very double-standard for Obama to blame politics, an intense minority, and the NRA for this bill not passing. When he was in congress he certainly dealt with lobbying groups and pushed for minority groups in his own politics. He also failed to admit that it wasn't really republicans that forced this bill to fail, there were democrats opposed to it as well.

    If I'm fringe for wanting to preserve my 2nd Amendment and retain the right to defend myself... well I'm fringe then. Its just good to know I have a lot of people in good company.

  2. Ben,

    I would like to know how you beleive that this bill would have made it harder for the mentally ill to get guns. I am not attacking you but curious as I do not see ANY way this bill would have made it any more difficult for a mentaly ill person to get a gun. That seems to be a mighty big stretch to come to that conclusion. Again, just curious. Any chance you could educate me on this point.


  3. No you are not a fringe minority. I think the main reason this did not pass is that we are NOT a minority but a majority of responsible citezens that want to keep our 2'nd amendment rights and the DEMOCRATS that voted against this support this view also. Now let's see how the POTUS and others in the Democrat party will start to twist the arms and threaten the careers of those who voted against them when the next go round comes.

  4. Enforce just half of the laws on books n deal with violent criminals they wy they should be! Justice system is a joke. Make criminals fear the consequences. Every day we let out the scum of the earth. Not one more gun law for the citizen until that stops!

  5. The bad part is that many states are pushing this background check through on their own. Delaware just passed it on a state level yesterday.