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What have you been up to lately?

Apologies that the content has been a little bit lighter this past week - real life and my primary computer in the repair shop are partially to blame, but I've also been working on survival/blog related stuff behind the scenes, too.

For one thing, expect to see a slew of product reviews for some solid gear in the coming weeks. Pulled the trigger on some things I've been eyeballing for a long time and have been happy with the results so far.

One the recent purchase was an upgraded bug out bag. Since I bought and sold a Kifaru Longhunter and HPG pack bag/Highlander set up, the pack upgrade has been on the back burner, mostly while I tried to figure out which Eberlestock pack to purchase. For a variety of reasons, I ended up going with the Gunslinger II, which I will go into detail on here in the near future. I've been tinkering with the GS2's load out and, initially, am really quite pleased with it. It's a bit smaller than I was initially looking, but I decided to step down a size--most maneuverability, less weight and the Eberlestock's have plenty of straps and attachment points for things like sleeping bags. The GS2's rifle sleeve works perfectly, and the rest of the pack has enough space for essentials, good organization, great access to the contents and pretty much everything else I look for. The only thing that is a bit lacking is the frame/suspension system - it only has a plastic frame sheet versus pack stays, so it is not the best at carrying really heavy loads. I pack light though, and my ~40lb total load is not a back breaker at all. Like I said, full review incoming.

Also filling in holes in the rest of the family's packs - stuff for Son #2, getting TEOTWAWKI Wife's pack better organized and some additional stuff for Son #1 now that he's older and could actually carry a small pack if push came to shove. Have a short list of stuff that needs to be polished off.

Planning on picking up a firearm or two in the coming weeks - will update you accordingly. Shotgun, another Glock and a .357 revolver are all on the shopping list, but we'll see.

Finally, looking at potentially selling off a couple extra items floating around to free up some additional cash for above purchases. Or maybe do some trading. We'll see what happens on that front.

How about you guys? What have you been up to?