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Gun shop cruisin'

Had an hour in between errands this morning, so I decided to swing by two area gunshops/ranges to see if they had anything in stock that I'm casually looking for.

Shop #1 was busy, and had decent stock, but nothing Glock in 9mm, only one or two ARs at around $2000 each - but at least they were high end ARs. Ammo was low/out unless you were shopping for .40 S&W. No magazines, really. Prices were a bit on the high side, but not unreasonable.

Shop #2 was the busiest gun shop/range I've ever been to - and they'd just opened for the day. Not a big shop, and there were like 40+ people cramming inside - most wanting to hit the shooting range. Prices at this place are usually well north of the high side, and they've gone nuts with pricing since the start of the panic. They had Glock 19s in stock, but for ~$700 out the door. Several Palmetto State, bare bones ARs in stock for $2000. Khan Glock magazines for $50 a pop. Ammo was low/out unless you were looking for the crappy range ammo they use. I'm probably not going back here any time soon.

So, nothing purchased. I've yet to find a gun shop in my new-ish AO that I really like...online purchases are probably in my future, though the going rate for FFL transfers seems to be $40 a pop here.

Gun show next weekend - I'm sure it will be crazy, but there should at least be a decent selection and more competitive pricing.


  1. typical panick buying/price gouging..happens every time a crisis happens,real or imagined.Remember,the dealer is making $$,not colt.If he wants to annoy his customers for a quick buck,so be it! Maybe we should buy hunting stuff,not some plastic thing.

  2. Gun show might not be your best bet. I went locally in Austin, TX a week or so ago and was surprised. Glocks of various models were $675, up from $550 a few months ago. I purchased a Kel-tec Sub 2000 last year in the 9mm Glock configuration for $460. Similar model in .40 cal was going for $999.99 at the last show. Many people, including myself, were trying to sell Ar-15's and vendors were listing new ones above $2500, with Colt models unavailable, but certainly sky-high. Ammo was way up, including .22lr, which really surprised me. I'm glad I bought heavily for the Mayan apocalypse, when Winchester was $20 for 555 rounds.

  3. Carefull at the gun show the last one i went to here in Monroe Wa the line was super long to get in and not much room around the tables and to top it off one of the venders had a 9mm go off and shoot into the ceiling. Why he had a loaded gun i do not know security always unloads and zip ties the action on all firearms at the door. Needless to say he was packed up by security and removed immediately. Other than that 9mm was sold out 223 was a buck a round and 7.62 x 39 was about 50 cents a round. High capacity mags of any sort were rediculous.

  4. One of the local cast and blast sporting goods stores here had 4 or 5 perfect condition used AR's yesterday. Apparently, a few wives didn't like what their husbands brought home.

  5. Here in alabama ammo is still stupid expensive and anything but plentiful. The "black" guns are starting to show back up though.

  6. Weird stuff around here as well (maryland). Let's see, local GS had G19 mags $30 a pop, 2 PSLs w/scope, $2900, but here's the kicker... they have a FN2000 for 2000. I've seen them going for $3500. Local Walmart is only out of damn near everything, ammo wise, although there were 7 boxes of 556 selling for 20 bucks a piece. No 7.62x39 but it's only increased in price .20 a box. Strange times.

  7. The shop I attend/help out at usually carries 1000 plus guns in stock. Saturday we did a small inventory at 124 guns. Most are high end bolt guns in obscure calibers. A bunch of collectible old colts and smiths were still there. 3 revolvers left, 18 1911's and about 20 autos in assorted offerings. No glocks, No M&P's, No XD's, No Berettas. Taurus, bersa, sig 22's, a single FN, and a couple Ruger 22's are all the autos left. Ammo is available at pre nuts prices as are all the guns. I guess that's why we're out of glocks. 550 new, 625 with night sights. Only 223 is out of line at 17 for 20, but that's what it cost to get. I put up 1k rounds of RORG SS109 on the local gun board and a guy drove a hundred miles and paid 650 for it. I felt sorry for him and threw in a bunch of varmint rounds I had. It's nuttier than squirrel poop.

  8. On Saturday, my infant son and I had a guys day out and one of the spots we made it to was a gun store in a nearby town. The place is in a very rural out-of-the-way area where large pickup trucks out number cars probably 5 to 1. The store was rocking and rolling when we made it there. Some of the women "oh'ed" and "ah'ed" at my little boy and I did likewise at a fantastically priced Ruger MKIII 22/45 with replaceable grip panels. At $320 out-the-door, my son and I with a new addition to our firearm collection headed back home with a feeding and diaper change badly needed. The gun is mine but he can borrow it in several years time and have it when I kick the bucket. That is if he can get it away from my little girl.
    I try to remember after reading all the anti-gun/anti-personal freedom articles on the internet and I feel like the world around me wishes to crush my spirit in hopes of making me a compliant cog in the machine what truly matters, family. Family is why I stock up/prep, why I write against the Liberal drivel in comment sections like that of "HuffPo", and why I own, maintain, practice, and can't wait to pass down my firearms. Family and freedom, nothing matters more to me in this world and I will fight for both.

  9. Pfft, you're complaining that $700 is HIGH for a Glock 9mm? That's what they go for ALL THE TIME in Canada. $50 for Glock mags? Yup, pay that much too.

    I feel sorry for you guys. If this AWB goes through you'll have to deal with worse than us.