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Gun shop cruisin'

Had an hour in between errands this morning, so I decided to swing by two area gunshops/ranges to see if they had anything in stock that I'm casually looking for.

Shop #1 was busy, and had decent stock, but nothing Glock in 9mm, only one or two ARs at around $2000 each - but at least they were high end ARs. Ammo was low/out unless you were shopping for .40 S&W. No magazines, really. Prices were a bit on the high side, but not unreasonable.

Shop #2 was the busiest gun shop/range I've ever been to - and they'd just opened for the day. Not a big shop, and there were like 40+ people cramming inside - most wanting to hit the shooting range. Prices at this place are usually well north of the high side, and they've gone nuts with pricing since the start of the panic. They had Glock 19s in stock, but for ~$700 out the door. Several Palmetto State, bare bones ARs in stock for $2000. Khan Glock magazines for $50 a pop. Ammo was low/out unless you were looking for the crappy range ammo they use. I'm probably not going back here any time soon.

So, nothing purchased. I've yet to find a gun shop in my new-ish AO that I really like...online purchases are probably in my future, though the going rate for FFL transfers seems to be $40 a pop here.

Gun show next weekend - I'm sure it will be crazy, but there should at least be a decent selection and more competitive pricing.