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Thumbs up for Larue Tactical

You know, I'd heard a lot of good stuff about Larue Tactical - there's a lot of enthusiasm about 'em throughout the firearms community. But I'd never bought anything from them, up until recently. I picked up an Ares Gear Ranger belt from them, mostly because they had the belts in stock, versus the 6-8 week wait when ordering elsewhere.

Given the madness throughout the industry right now, I didn't expect to see the belt anytime soon. To my surprise, Larue had it shipped within two business days, and it arrived on my door soon after.

To my surprise, the box held not only the belt, but also a Dillo beverage entry tool, a bottle of 'Dillo Dust seasoning, two bumper sticker-sized stickers and a catalog. That's like $25 worth of free stuff on a $90 order...pretty sweet. No mention of me being a blogger or anything other than an Average Joe anywhere near my order.

They're got a great return policy, too, in case you need to use it, though I imagine the slew of goodies helps reduce returns. Shipping charges were totally reasonable.

If anything wins me over, it's fast shipping, a company that stands behind their products and, of course, a pile of free stuff. I'll be picking up one of their pivoting magnifier mounts at some point this year, and will have one of their .308s at the top of my list when the market calms down and I start shopping for one.

Add me to the long list of Larue Tactical fans...