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The Great Panic Subsiding Pt. 2

Got a chance to attend a local gun show this weekend. Nearly froze to death waiting to be amongst the first few thousands through the doors. It was PACKED - they started limiting the number of people in the buildings due to fire marshal/fire code.

Lots of people selling ARs in the $1400 price range, on up, but no one was taking. I did not see a single purchaser of an AR...so lots of people hoping for a sale, but not a lot happening.

Several dealers had AR lowers; polymers were $150 to $200, and one guy had aluminum Del-Ton lowers for $200. Not great prices, but less crazy than we were seeing in early January. These seemed to be selling, but not flying off the shelves.

AR magazines were plentiful - the best price I saw was $18 for some lightly used USGI magazines in decent condition - I'm unsure of the brand, but they looked pretty decent...would have gone for maybe $11 a piece in November. One guy had PMAGs for $30 - new in baggie - and another had 20 round PMAGs for $25. Again, not a lot of buyers - I walked back by these tables an hour or two later and they still had a plentiful supply on hand. At the opening of the show, some dude walked the entire 1/4 mile line with a box of Promags, asking $50 a piece...I don't think he sold a single one.

Glock magazines were $45 - that was the best I saw. I saw one dealer who had three Ruger BX-25 magazines on sale for $129 EACH. There aren't a ton of these out there, and I think Ruger may take a while to fill the million or so back orders that are probably out there. I didn't see any of the Surefire 60 or 100 round magazines.

All kinds of Glocks, M&Ps and XDs were available, at what seemed like mostly normal prices - I almost bought a Gen 3 Glock 19 that was $515 with two mags.

Ammo was the craziest - $1 a round was common; a case for $1000. I didn't look too closely, as the ammo sellers were probably the most crowded, so I guess folks were buying some at least. The run on ammo surprises me a bit, as no one is even talking about an ammo ban. But, I guess all the people who bought up ARs at the start of the Panic probably needed a half case or case of ammo, which adds up pretty quickly.

Anyways, interesting to see how the supply chain and demand for these things has reacted. Despite high demand, AR mags are fairly easy to get a hold of - multiple manufacturers and decades of supply out there. BX-25s and Surefire mags on the other hand are only made by one company each, and they're relatively new designs, so they are quite a bit harder to get one's hands on.

I'd say that the panic is on its way out and prices will continue to fall over the next few months. We'll see how long it takes for the market to return to normal, and certainly need to keep an eye on legislation both at the national and state level. Example - Magpul may be moving out of Colorado, which would certainly mean limited production of PMAGs and Magpul stuff for several months. Stay politically active!

I ended up buying a Joe Biden approved firearm - a pump action shotgun. My humble end of the world/home defense arsenal lacked a shotgun of any variety, so I figured it was about time for me to pick up a 12-gauge. A Mossberg 590A1, to be more specific. I was looking for a plain 590, but there are zero out on the market right now, and the 590A1 is basically an improved version of the 590, so that doesn't hurt. Price was a fair market, non-Panic inflated price because, well, it's a shotgun and Joe Biden himself gives them the thumbs up for home defense. This will be a bit of a project gun for me, so you'll be seeing a bit of it in the future.


  1. Prices there are a but lower than here but by and large the situation here is similar. I saw a few Ruger BXP 25rders for $70 a piece. They just haven't been around long enough to have the kind of deep supply most of this other stuff has.

    By and large most stuff is getting better (slowly) with ammo lagging behind.

    Getting a Mossberg 590 is super cool. Those are good guns. Aside from a light, sling and shot shell holder (really velcro to slap the HSGI thingies on) I don't see what you need to do to one.

    1. Functionally, I'm not going to do a lot more than a sling, shell holder and a few other small things. I'm going to try to take a little bit different route with the 590 and have some fun with it. Thinking modern day trench gun...we'll see!

  2. I don't have any military style stuff and have zero interest in it, except for that 590A1. I want one of those.

  3. BX25s for $130 - wow, that is double the price I saw over Christmas - New Years holiday, thats crazy!

  4. I hope it's subsiding. I was able to pick up an AR, (at Wal-Mart of all places)and since it's my first .223, I don't have a single round for it. I'm afraid it's going to starve to death, sitting in the safe, if I don't find something to feed it! :) Cheapest I've found online was $825 for 1000.

  5. Hey Alex, great pick with the A1, solid gun indeed. Full milled rec, and heavy barrel. It just feels right to me. I searched and looked at dozens of shotguns before buying this one. I figured it would probably be my only shotgun, so I didn't want to make a mistake. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. And I even gave it a shot at the skeet range, performed way better than I expected. Certainly no Browning auto loader, but for what it is, it kicks ass!