> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Citizen Civilian militias fight back against cartels in rural Mexico



Citizen Civilian militias fight back against cartels in rural Mexico

A pretty interesting article in the WSJ today, about rural Mexican citizens arming themselves and standing up against the cartels and organized crime. Fearing reprisals, police are too afraid to do anything about the problem, and federal forces stretched thin. So, gathering up what firearms they have and donning masks to protect their identities, locals have started taking the battle against organized crime into their own hands, running patrols, check points and even raids against suspected cartel houses.

The article is subscription only, but a 3 minute video recap is available for free right here.

A real world example of the need for private firearms ownership, citizen militias and the failure of the state. Can't trust the state to take care of you.

Yes, the U.S. sure isn't crime ridden, civil war-torn Mexico--at least not at the moment. And, unlike the militias in the video, most of us can put up some better armament than an ancient double barrel shotgun.

TEOTWAWKI or a wide scale collapse is likely to look a lot more like this (at least in rural America) than something out of Mad Max. A tightly knit, self sufficient community with sufficient arms and manpower would do quite well. Those unable or unwilling to band together for mutual security will be fodder the wolves that will quickly come prowling.