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Jan 2013 Pocket Dump

Ryan over at TSLRF is having himself a lil' contest of every day carry pocket dumps, so I had to enter :). This is my "special edition" version with a few added tidbits from my initial entry and likes to past blog entries.

Pocket dump contents is of course backed up with my EDC bag and vehicle kits.

Contents are:

Smith & Wesson 642 with S&W grips and a Tyler-T Grip. I've found this combination quite good for concealment purposes and controllable when shooting. While the Smith isn't an ideal weapon, it is easy enough to conceal in a wide range of clothes and carry methods--pretty much anywhere, any time--and gives 5-for-sure rounds of respectable .38 Spl. A decent enough compromise.

I'm not a die-hard snubbie guy and am well aware of the short comings, and would be hesitant to recommend them to anyone without setting expectations - heavy DA trigger, bad sights, recoil, slow reload time, etc. I will eventually pick up one of the new pocket 9s and see how they fare. But, this is what I run at the moment and I'm not losing sleep over it.

The holster is an el-cheapo Uncle Mikes, which is actually the most comfortable holster I've owned. Snubby is worn AIWB at about 1:30, and the padded nylon helps with comfort (as does the shape of the revolver's grip vs. an auto). The Uncle Mike's holster can work as a pocket holster and removes easily enough if needed, too. One handed re-holstering is not going to happen, though.

Spare ammunition is carried in a Safariland Comp I, which works much better than the more common HKS loaders, and is lower profile to boot. I will add another speedloader and speedstrips often, but the single Comp I is daily carry stuff. More ammunition and heavier firepower in the vehicles, if needed.

Flashlight is a well worn Surefire E1B. The tail cap wore out this past year and was replaced with a tail cap for an E1E, which Surefire was kind enough to send my way free of charge. The best part of this light is the pocket clip--best pocket clip around, amigos. Surefire has a big upgrade coming for the E1B this year - 200 lumens! - and this one will get relegated to a backup. Update: The updated version is out, and it's like $170, which is steep for a light. The E1B I got used for like $85. May wait on the upgrade.

This rides IWB at about 11 o'clock.

Knife is a Spyderco P'Kal, carried more for defensive purposes than utility, but it will open up boxes fine, too. The wave feature is excellent, and the P'Kal's grip shape allows it to be used effectively in the reverse/edge-in grip I favor for the kind of up-close-and-desperate work this would be used for. Worn high in my right front pocket.

I will occasionally switch to an Emerson CQC-8 or Spyderco Delica, depending on the day. But the P'kal gets carried 9 times out of 10.

The pen is a Lamy 3-function pen - two pens and a mechanical pencil. Quite nice. Rides in a shirt breast pocket.

Key chain take offs are a Leatherman PS4 with the pliers swapped out in favor of full-sized scissors and a Fenix LD01. Both on McGizmo clips.

Watch is a Citizen Eco-Drive I received as a present. Solar powered, which is kind of cool. I've been wearing it for a year now and it doesn't look thrashed, which is more than I can say for many watches I've owned.

The rest of the stuff rides in my wallet (an Eagle Creek) - Bogota entry tools, water purification tablets, a micro usb drive, BFE Labs Ultralight Kit knife and a home made sheath. The wallet also has plenty of spare cash and cards if I need to buy my way out of a problem.

Not pictured are a pair of reading glasses and an iPhone 5 - used to take the picture.