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Give your Guns a Hug - Today is National Gun Appreciation Day

Today is National Gun Appreciation Day, so get out there and support your local gun shop, buy a box of ammo, and take out some time to write your representative and tell them why YOU value the Second Amendment, and how you will vote if they do not support it to the fullest! If you have not, join the NRA (or just donate a few bucks) - they have been and will continue to be on the front lines of this fight.

The media will probably be out in force today, too and probably trying to get confrontational, crazy and angry sound bites from gun owners. Take the high road, stay professional and reasonable and don't play into that. We are responsible, law abiding citizens and want to come off that way.

By the way, if you've been wondering if all of the pro-gun advocacy going on has been helping, here's an article worth a read: Senate Dems Hesistant on Obama gun control plan. Now is not the time to let up though, with the Obama administration getting ready for their hard push on this issue. We've got to stop these laws in their tracks before they get passed, and make the political backlash so harsh that future Congress will not even think to go after the 2nd Amendment.