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Post-Christmas Recovery

A good Christmas here at the TEOTWAWKI household. Son #1 is old enough to get excited and enjoy all the Christmas stuff, so that was fun. He's also old enough to start appreciating Lego, so I will be building those for the next few days. He also got some clothes, flashlight and a brick of .22lr for when he gets older, so some practical things thrown into the mix, too.

I have the next several days off, so hopefully I will be able to squeeze some constructive stuff in between family events, Lego building and catching a few movies. Still need to see Red Dawn. Oh, and the 3rd book in the Day by Day Armageddon series - Shattered Hourglass - is out today...that needs to get read, too. 

One thing that I will be doing is writing out some goals for the year...this year, we did fairly well at accomplishing our goals. Some didn't happen, but most did, and we did better in some areas than others--the usual way of things.

Ryan over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest usually does a pretty good run down of his goals this time of year, which I've found worth a read. 

Looks like the gun control news stories are calming down (predictably), and secondary market prices dropping a bit back down to earth. Plenty of PMAGs for sale on AR15.com's Equipment Exchange for under $40 a pop. I'd expect a continued slide back to earth through January, until the Biden-led "commission" returns with their findings (if they do) and the media starts to beat the drum again. Availability, at best, is going to be hit and miss for months, though, as manufacturers work to rebuild inventories that were hit very hard over the last few weeks.

If you've still got friends who are on the fence about gun control, and have sent them the Larry Correia piece,   this video testimony from Dr. Suzanna Hupp, survivor of a mass shooting, to Congress, is pretty powerful.

Funny side story - NBC is under investigation by the DC police for violating DC gun laws by having a 30-round AR magazine in-studio during an interview with NRA Prez Wayne LaPierre. Jeez, the DC ban doesn't even stop NBC reporters from getting their hands on high cap magazines...full story here.

With gun control slipping from the front pages, the fiscal cliff taking over as the #1 story, as it should. We'll see what those clowns can pull together - if anything - and what it means for the economy. I don't have a lot of confidence in their ability to come up with an actual functional plan...at best, we'll probably see the can kicked down the road, yet again.

Despite the uncertain future ahead of us, we can at least rest assured that we will be more prepared and able to weather whatever storms may come!

Hope you all are enjoying the season and time with family and friends! This is the time to recharge, lay up happy memories and build up spiritual strength for the year ahead. Enjoy it and use it well!