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World War Z Trailer

It's Brad Pitt vs. the Zombies in what looks to be the biggest budget zombie movie of all times. While it shares the same name as the best-selling Max Brooks' World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars, there's not supposed to be much else in common between the two.

The departure from the source material, plus reports of substantial re-shoots to fix serious problems with the original draft of the film have many dumping on this film already. The zombies this time around look to be of the "fast" variety, and the trailer shows that the Zeds are at least capable of enough thinking to come up with a zombie pile/ladder to overcome obstacles.

Why you'd make a movie based on a book, and then not base it at all on the source material, is beyond me. But, it's a big budget zombie extravaganza, so I'm pretty much in regardless.


  1. It worked for "The Postman"... sorta. Seems like an extended version of the Battle of Yonkers instead of the serial collection of survivors' tales.

    1. My opinion on The Postman: Great novel, lame movie (dreadfully different from the novel in all the wrong ways).

      About WWZ: Kinda wish they stuck to the slow zombies at least but those super blitz zombie piles are pretty scary. I know it has nothing to do with the novel but fast zombie movies tend to make the zombies the bad guys which I find to be boring. Slow zombie movies on the other hand tend to keep the zombies as a "force of nature" while normal humans become the bad guys. I find that to be much more interesting. I'll rent this one for sure and then spend that extra cash on my zombie apocalypse gear instead.

  2. I loved the book and don't really care for Brad Pitt, but I agree with the original post...Big Budget Zombie movie...I'm in, as are all my nephews, sons and friends. Can't wait.

  3. This looks pretty awesome! I read the book and felt it was a mixed bag--doesn't bother me all that much if they don't stick to the source.

  4. The reason zombies terrify us? Because they are US.

  5. The "zombie ladder" is what happens when the zeds "ramp up" in the book. They just keep coming, thus using themselves as a ramp. The movie looks okay but nothing like the book.

  6. I read where they decided to go with fast zombies and actually took a lot at nature as far as pure animal instincts like swarming (ala fish such as piranha) and going nuts for prey (like tigers can do at times was the example they used). So the Zeds all act the same and seem to be working together but it is just cause they are all going nuts after the same prey and doing the same things. Looks freaking scary and while not at all like the book is interesting to me.

  7. I got this as a book on tape, so I could listen to it while driving for work. I really enjoyed that version as they used different voices for each character, and it brought you into it.

    Going by the trailer, I think we might have to wait till the movie is out to call it.