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The Walking Dead: Say the Word

Daryl channeling Clint Eastwood
After last week's momentous episode, this week was markedly slower. Most of the developments happened in Woodbury, where Detective Michonne dug up some more dirt and Andrea fawned over the Governor.

Brief recap and some thoughts after the jump - definite spoiler alert.

We rejoin the group at the prison, right where we left off - Rick's sanity collapsing. With Rick out of it, Daryl is quick to take charge and organizing an scouting trip to round up some formula and baby supplies. It was mentioned that they'd been looking for supplies during their time on the road and found nothing. The road is jammed up, so Daryl and Maggie ride out on his bike.

Meanwhile, Rick grabs a fire axe and heads back into the prison on a crazed zombie slaying rage. He's totally lost it.

In Woodbury, the Governor is combing his daughter's hair...of course, his daughter is a zombie, who he's creepily keeping around. He looks out the window and sees Michonne looking up at him...we're not sure if she's seen the daddy/daughter time, but probably not.

Later, Michonne sneaks into the Governor's apartment, steals back her katana and then sneaks around until finding a cage full of walkers, who she quickly dispatches. This leads to Michonne's departure from Woodbury; Andrea wants to stick around and give it 'em a chance. Michonne heads off without her.

Andrea is a bit down after the departure of her friend, and the Governor brings her to Woodbury's big shindig to help cheer her up - it's a date! Barf.

Woodbury is throwing a regular old neighborhood/community party...until they break out the chained up zombies, torches and Merl channels Hulk Hogan and beats up some guy in Woodbury's version of pro wrestling.

Around this time, Andrea starts to realize that she's made a huge mistake. Whoops!

Daryl and Maggie recover some baby formula and a possum for dinner, and make it back to the prison without too much trouble.

Glenn and the new guys dig graves for T-Dog, Lori and Carol, who they've assumed is dead.

Rick hacks his way back to the boiler room where Lori died, and Lori is not to be found. I didn't totally get this scene - Rick picks up something that was either a bullet or shell casing, there's lots of gore around and then he spots a bloated walker in the corner. It's not Lori, but it looks like it ate her - not really sure. Rick shoots it and then stabs it in the belly repeatedly for good measure.

Then, Rick gets a call from crazy land - phone rings, he picks it up and starts talking. Yep, he's lost it, folks!

Anyways, next week looks to pick up with Andrea escaping from Woodbury, a showdown with Merl and Michonne, Rick sinking further into crazy land, and the rest of the gang realizing that Carol might be not quite dead yet.


  1. Definitely slower action than last week, but that would have been difficult to accomplish - a lot to process in 11/04s show. The "American Gladiator" game between Merle and was bread and circuses, just keeping the masses happy.

    Not quite sure what that was implying - maybe the message WHEN YOU ARE BORN STUPID, ITS FOR A LONG TIME ? Your world is turned upside down, you have people hunting YOU down and now that you are safe and sound in protected perimeter, we'll go back to 'Dancing With the Stars - Zombie Version'. To me, a little condescending, but its a TV show after all.

    1. Hey, you can guarantee that once food, water, shelter and security were taken care of, escapist entertainment would be at the top of the list. Merl needs a title belt and to refer to himself in the third person, though.

  2. Merle looked pretty good with his shirt off

  3. Okay I want to know where the hell Daryl is getting all his crossbow bolts????? Seems like he is shooting them off like he is eating tic tacs and not once have we seen him find a new source.

    1. I believe I saw him whittling them on a previous season.

  4. he always gets em back from his 'targets'

  5. If you watch the Talking Dead right after, that zombie did indeed eat Lori, taht was her hair in its mouth. Nice huh?