> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Welcome to Carolina Food Storage!



Welcome to Carolina Food Storage!

Please welcome a new sponsor aboard - Carolina Food Storage! They sell the full line of Shelf Reliance food on their web store, and also have a pretty cool blog with recipes and super secret sales, too.

I'm a fan of the vast majority of THRIVE foods that I've tried, and if you're in the market for can rotators, Shelf Reliance is the best in the business (they've got a pretty sweet deal on their smaller Cansolidators going on right now too, BTW).

If you're scratching your head with how exactly to use food storage type stuff to make tasty meals, I would really check out Carolina Food Storage's blog -- they've got a lot of pretty yummy looking recipes that you won't find anywhere else. Example: gooey tasty beefy Cheese Burger Casserole.

You guys know by now that I only refer you to quality companies and products, and I'm extra selective about who we partner with for advertising. Welcome Carolina Food Storage onboard, please give them your support and tell 'em TEOTWAWKI Blog sent ya!