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Signature Apocalypse Weapons Contest Update #6

Guys and gals, this is now officially my favorite contest yet! We're getting close to the end here--Friday is your last day to enter--but we've got some of the best entries yet waiting in the wings. Full details here.

Remember, there are great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Tom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs! Check out their websites and give them your support for helping make this contest possible!

First up, from Meister:

Shown for everyone's pleasure is the grab and go kit I keep at the ready in case of a SHTF scenario. I've changed it a bit over normal for a true apocalyptic loadout. Some of the kit was stripped out and extra mags and weapons were added. This is the full assault, gotta kill everything I come across kit. More is better and too much is just about right.

The kit:
Bailout Bag: LA Police Gear 3 day assault bag. Added pouches by several different manufacturers.

Tent, sleeping bag, stove, fuel, food, FAK, water filter, Camelback 4l waterbeast, gatorade/tea/coffee mix, batteries, solar charger, small toolkit, Gerber Machete, SOG Fasthawk, Blackhawk TaTang knife in custom kydex sheath, Cleaning kits, Mess kits, tarp. Attached: Remmy 870 Police magnum with ATI folding stock, blackhawk shell carrier. Ruck up!

NVG's: US optics dual tube Gen 3+ Night Vision optics. Dual tube= depth perception. Detection range at 500 yards! Head gear mount for hands free movement. I own the night!

Plate carrier: Blackhawk STRIKE OD with SPEAR 3a liner
Blackhawk 3 pocket mag pouch (9 mags), TAG mag pouch (6 mags), 5 pistol mag pouches with 33rnd Glock 18 mags in each, Gemtech Multicam suppressor carrier, Maxpedition 3 pocket admin panel with a flashlight, ITS lock pick set, writing set,  and encrypted VOX comms on board. Blackhawk Kalista II knife attached to the left shoulder.

Glock 17 with night sights and Ghost connector in Safariland tac holster. Jarvis Threaded barrel for Gemtech Trinity Supressor (in pouch).

Bushmaster AR15 custom built SBR by me. Adjustable match trigger system, KNS pins, 10.5" barrel, Surefire rail system, Surefire M900 weapon light with Red nav lights and IR lens cover for NVG use, Gemtech flash hider with quickmount for the Gemtech M4-96D suppressor, TAB Gear suppressor cover (to keep the mirage down), Vltor stock, Hogue grip, Tac latch, Tungsten buffer, Noveske button style single point sling attachment back plate, Aimpoint NV compatible 2 MOA dot sight, Cantilever aimpoint mount for use with NVG's,  Rear flip up iron sights, YHM front flip up gas block/sight system with Trijicon insert, Beta CMag inserted  for 100 rounds of Hornaday 55g TAP goodness, Blackhawk Single point sling. I've had this weapon for 10 years now and it's been a trusted weapon the entire time I've had it. It's my go-to gun.

Total ammo Loadout
Shotgun: 6 in the tube, 18 in the shell carrier. Mix of #4 and OO buck.

Pistol: 20 in the gun, 165 rounds in the stick mags. Federal Tactical.

Rifle: 550 rounds of mixed ammo indexed in the mag carriers where I've intended. 300 TAP, 200 ss109, 50 tracers

If I'm going down, may it be in a huge pile of spent brass.

From K.G. in Europe:

Living in a European country with very strict weapon laws and also being just a student doesn't help me a lot in preparing for the Apocalypse with the power of firearms. So when the Day comes I'll have to rely on a kit of melee weapons and m brain which I'd be so eager to protect(well maybe until I reach the first abandoned gun shop.. :D)So here is the list!

1) Tramontina Latin Machete - razor sharp and kind a part of me. I don't think explanation of its use is needed.
2)Snakewhip - 4 ft long made from one continuous 60 ft long piece of paracord. Apart from being an extremely versatile, potent and devastating weapon, it can also be unraveled in seconds so the cord is used for various traps and barricades

3)Slungshot - a zombie(and not only) skull pulverizer!
4)Victorinox Soldier - a handy tool and a last line of defence
5)Eye/Mouth/Nose protection - there is nothing worse than rotten flesh in your eyes and mouth or the smell of walking decaying corpses during your daily walk! :D

From T-Pain:

My loadout is pretty simple, and would work in a variety of situations; zombie apocalypse, Communist invasion, hostile government crackdown, or any situation where I would have to move quickly and well-armed. I use a simple web belt and shoulder harness as my LBE, and a Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger backpack for the miscellaneous stuff; gun-cleaning kit, paracord, food, water (in the bladder and the bottle), etc. It's a small backpack, but definitely worth looking at in terms of comfort and speed.

1. AR-15 with an EOTech sight and Surefire light. Eight magazines between the rifle, LBE, and the backpack. The VLTOR stick also has two battery compartments where I keep spare AA batteries and the Choate AR-15 Essential Parts kit, and the two holes in the grip hold a pair of CR-123s for the Surefire.
2. H&K P2000 in .40 S&W on a thigh holster. Six magazines for the pistol loaded with hollow-point ammunition.
3. Leatherman MUT attached to the backpack, for use as a tool with the AR-15, and features six attached screwdriver bits, which could be real lifesavers. This thing is definitely the last multi-tool anyone will EVER have to buy.
4. Custom fixed-blade knife for heavy-duty work, with a glass-breaker tip on the bottom of the handle. For use as a melee weapon, and breaking through windows and into cars if necessary. Attached to the web belt.
5. Benchmade Auto-Striker for easy, simple cutting that doesn't require anything heavy-duty. Never leaves my pocket.
6. Medical pack, for myself or a friend in case of a lead overdose or other serious injury. Includes Israeli bandages, gauze, QuickClot, SAM Splint, snakebite kit (serious issue in the southwest), tourniquet, water purification tablets, hydrogen peroxide, and various other band-aids and pills.

Some people might think I have too many knives, but I like the way they're distributed around my gear. This way there's one on each loadout level; on my person, on my LBE and on my backpack. This way, even if I accidentally lose a piece of gear, I still at least have one knife on me!