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The Walking Dead - Sick

Another awesome episode tonight. Some excellent tension as Rick, Daryl and T-Dog help the prisoners clear out their own portion of the prison wing, and the others wait to see what will happen with Hershel.

No full-blown recap this week, but spoilers - thoughts and reactions - after the jump!

Really excellent interactions with the prisoners. Rick, again, trying to be a decent man, gave them a fair chance instead of just blowing them away up front - which I half thought he might do. Of course, that almost got him killed when Tomas (wife beater wearing, loud mouthed thug) decided to make his move. Some great tension with the face off between Rick and Tomas. I also enjoyed the contrast we saw with the prisoners and survivors, who were much more hardened, seasoned and calculating. The zombie apocalypse has turned them into survivors who make hardened convicts look like amateurs.

Would I have left the other two prisoners alive after what went down? Ya, probably. They made no move against Rick, and they really probably were not affiliated with Tomas. While they may well probably hold a grudge, they are poorly armed and outnumbered by the survivors, so an attack is unlikely. Neither were overtly threatening, either. Would I trust 'em? Not so much, but you have to have 'round the clock guards anyways. I think Oscar may turn out to be a decent guy, too.

I was really surprised that Hershel made it through the episode alive, and just as surprised that he didn't bite Lori's face off. Great scene, definite edge-of-your-seat stuff. Mouth-to-mouth with a potential zombie is not recommended. Will he make it very long into the season? Time will tell.

But there you go - if you're bitten by a zombie on an extremity, hack off that arm or leg, slap a tourniquet on it and you might make it through. Guess that's another reason for carrying a big limb-chopper when z-day rolls around, right?

With Hershel down and Lori soon to be having her baby, the group will be at its most vulnerable yet. They've lost their mobility - not only because of the health of group members, but by fortifying themselves in the prison. We'll see how that plays out as the season progresses.

I have no idea why Carol needed to start practicing a C-section right then - probably because they wanted to include that and couldn't fit it into the story otherwise. Is Lori really due that soon?

We had a brief moment of "bad guy" perspective, which means the survivors and the prison are being watched by someone. Who? We don't know. Probably the Governor's people, but I thought they would be crossing paths later in the season.

Anyways, great--great episode, and another example of why the Walking Dead is so darn good.

Next week, looks like we see more of Michonne and Andrea, and get introduced to the Governor and the town of Woodbury. Should be big and exciting!