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Signature Apocalypse Weapons - Update #5

More new & excellent entries into our signature apocalypse weapons photo contest! Keep the entries coming!

Remember, there are great prizes from Choate Machine & ToolVigilant GearTom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs! Check out their websites and give them your support for helping make this contest possible!

Reminder: We're looking for your personal weapons of choice/combat loadout for the dark post-collapse future, not your entire arsenal!

From Brother Randy Church:
VooDoo and myself had to get in on the new contest...Just our normal stuff, 150 year old scatterguns up to VooDoo's rapid fire.....With a little Bluegrass throw out as bait.....

From Neuro:

Like most of the followers of your blog, I am a prepper on a budget. Everything in my kit serves more than one function, including my signature weapons.

1.  The Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull packs rifle power in a package that is lighter and more concealable than a rifle.  Capable of taking out preditors on two legs or four, this revolver is nothing if not reliable.  Although the ammo is big, heavy, and possibly hard to come by after a disaster strikes, I can't think of anything I'd rather have with me when the shit hits the fan.

2.  Ontario Knife Company's Spec Plus "Machete" in truth, is much too short and heavy to be a proper machete, and it is much too thick to be a knife.  This thing is more like a cross between a hatchet and a crowbar, and this is where it shines!  It takes apart branches and small trees for shelter-building or firewood with ease, and I wouldn't hesitate to use to to pry open a door or open up a zombie-skull with it either.

Other Items Featured include:

Tilly's Adventure Hat - Not cheap, but this comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and has traveled the world with me.  It works well to keep the sun or rain off your face, and features a little hidden pocket that currently contains $20, a book of matches, a space-blanket, and a smith-and-wesson handcuff key.  (Tilley.Com)

Protech Tactical Pack - This was very cheap (30$) and is due to be replaced when I can afford something more durable.  It's my default bug-out-bag and contains just the essentials including a stove and cook-set that I made myself out of aluminum beer bottles.

Attached to the backpack is a seperate pouch (not sure where I got it) that has a full first-aid kit.  Additionally this serves as a mini survival kit as it has my spare flashlight, and even more ways to make fire, plus I plan to add a mini-fishing kit and some other odds and ends as I acquire them.  (Perhaps some snares and another small compass.)

From 032125:

I'm going to go (very) old school for this contest, and stick with the most reliable weapons I've got. Everybody does AR-15s (I have a couple too) but how many people are brave/dumb enough go wading into the fray wielding a Danish axe with viking fury?