> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Signature Apocalypse Weaponry Update #9



Signature Apocalypse Weaponry Update #9

Two more updates in the queue after this one--planning to make the final selections and announce winners on Halloween!

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From GodfatherJs:

1) Multi-Cam BOB with all the essentials for 3+ days (also home to another 2500 rounds of 22LR,
two more 22lr pistols and 6 spare magazines for each weapon).
2) 22 Long rifle with 30 round mag (6- 30 round and 6 ten round magazines in BOB loaded)
3) TNT Tool (axe, closet hook, pry bar, sledge hammer, and just all around mean tool)
4) ISI thermal imaging camera (you have to be able to tell the walkers from humans… also great for night operations)
5) Bricks of 22LR ammunition (4 more bricks and 6 boxes of CCI mini magazines in BOB).
6) Gator Jr. Machete…. One heck of a knife to carry on your hip
7) Jimenez JA-22… Small, accurate and I own 3 of them along with 21 magazines)
8) Homemade nunchucks
9) SCOTT self-Contained Breathing apparatus (convertible into an APR when supplied air is not needed)
10) Janesville turnout gear (fire, blood-borne pathogen, hazardous materials and stab/bite resistant) with hands free light source
11) Pacific structural collapse rescue helmet with three hands free light sources
12) Trunking radio capable of communicating with all emergency response agencies within West Virginia
13) Rescue truck with all kinds of fun toys (rescue, command, medical, hazardous materials, fire, etc.)

From Kermit:

Kermit's Load out:

Mossberg 500 youth .410 cal. Pump Action Shotgun
> Slugs and Birdshot

Curved Spring Steel Sabre
2 1/2lb. headed Belt axe
Glock Tac. Knife

Survival Pack
>Midland Radios
>Duct Tape
>Polarized Sunglasses
>Compact Binoculars
>50ft. Cord

Custom Celtic Lucky Clover Coffin Case

My "In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse, Follow Me." pin

From JM:

I've just recently gotten into prepping so I don't really have much in the way of weaponry (hopefully Santa reads this and brings me that gun I've been asking for) so I had to get creative. The rake is adjustable and could  be broken down to make other things like a spear. The machete, well, it's a machete. The cast iron pan is definitely the fun weapon. It's heavy so I tried to keep all my other stuff fairly light in comparison. Plus it's multi-functional, I can fry up some bacon and then go smash some heads, truly win-win!! The dagger was made for me by my brother-in-law and I love it very much, it fits perfectly in my hand. I also have my assault mini-schnauzer Daisy! Great as a guard dog and she's cute so she's a good morale booster. Not pictured is my tactical assault cat  Moo-moo (she's in heat and doesn't want her picture taken).