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Signature Apocalypse Weaponry Update #10

One more updates in the queue after this one! Winners will be announced tomorrow night on Hala-ma-ween! The next (maybe last) update in the $40 a week series is going to be postponed 'till next week.

It's been a lot of fun and we're almost done!

If the dead do decide to rise tomorrow evening, I'm confident that you will all be ready to lay a hurtin' on them!

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From S.C. (who either knows Raven or ninja'd into his house for photos:

For my apocalypse weaponry I have chosen my Springfield M-1903, Henry .22 lever action rifle, Bersa pistol with 2 magazines, Cold Steel kukri machete, and a folding knife with a built in magnesium fire-starter in the handle. The Springfield uses a 30-06 round, which can take down any zombie/bad guy as well as large game, and is carried by a sling over the right shoulder. The .22 fires quickly and relatively quietly and is carried on my back in a rifle scabbard.  The pistol uses a .380 round and is carried in a belt holster on the opposite side of the Springfield. The machete goes in my pack but can also be worn on my belt for quick access and is about the length of a short sword. Lastly, the folding knife, which is shaving sharp, goes in my left pocket.

From Crazy Stevo:

From Upper Left to Right:
-Winchester 1300 12 gauge holds 8 rounds of slugs.
-Tactical Vest with a scabbard for the shotgun on the back with zip ties, 6 x .00 12 gauge rounds, a Smith & Wesson 9VE in the cross draw holster (15 Rounds + 1), has 5 magazines for the pistol (15 rounds in a magazine), 4 MagPul Magazines for the AR 15 (30 rounds each), and 1 magazine for a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 (17 rounds).
-Remington Model 710 .270 with a bipod holds 5 rounds + 1.
-A Tactical bag with 6 MagPulAR 15 Magazines (30 rounds each), 3 Smith & Wesson M&P 9 magazines (17 rounds each) , 4 Beretta 92 magazines (1 magazine has 15, 3 has 20 rounds), a Beretta 92 (holds 15 rounds + 1), 1 Smith & Wesson 9VE magazine (15 rounds), 250 9mm rounds, 25 12 gauge slugs, 19 .00 rounds in 12 gauge, 4 magazines for the Remington .270 (5 in a magazine), Stinger DS LED which has strobe function.
-Blackhawk Hydro Storm backpack with ¾ of a gallon of water, 2 rite-n-the rain notepads, 2 pencils, water purification tablets, KATADYN Hiker Water Filter, chargers for the Streamlight car and wall.
Lower Left to Right:
-Smith & Wesson M&P9 and spare magazine in leg holster that is attached to tactical vest (17 +1 in pistol 17 in magazine on side).
- Delton AR 15 with a stream light TLR-2 with Laser Sight/ light on the front grip with a bipod/handle on the front grip, a AIM Sports 4x32 Dual Illuminating Scope with Fiber Optic Sight 30 round magazine.
- A Midland GXT1000VP4 Up to 36 Mile Two-Way Radio (rest of my group has them).
-Knee Pads.
-10 inch Knife.
 -Night Vision Goggles Gen 1.
-Some of the Zip Ties I have 30 total on the vest 24” 175 lb. tensile strength.
-A wooden baton the Military Police used in the 1940’s.

From TMcG:

I wanted to keep things light and quiet.

The bag has survival supplies for two days out in the wild including food, a platypus water bottle, shelter, spare clothes, a medical kit, water filtration kit, bivy and basic siphon pump (for getting dirty liquids like gasoline for fuel or other necessities...)

The Maxpedition Thermite Versipack holds more immediate necessities like compass, multi-tool (Gerber) and a mini-first aid kit. It also holds some spare clips for the Berretta PX4 Compact .40 S&W that is stashed in a concealed holster in the small of my back. I'd rather stay quiet, but in a pinch 12 shots with a laser-sight (for quick headshot targeting) can get me out of a jam.

For any B&E that might be necessary I carry the 18-inch Dead On Annihilator hammer. This is heavy enough to bust into almost any location that need scavenging, or to use for up close defense. The backpack also carries a SOG Fast Hawk which is preferred for close-combat because it's lighter (and therefore less tiring) and faster. It can also be used to gather wood for fires and help setup camp. I've also practiced with it enough to be confident that if I throw at something, it's going to hit properly. Or I could just chuck the Annihilator at them, and then it doesn't matter how it lands :)

The center-piece though has to be the 90-lbs. aluminum crossbow that I modified with a ten-round magazine. This can be easily cocked and fired in a few seconds, carries enough shots to get past most herds of walkers and can do it almost silently (unlike a rifle or shotgun) so you don't draw unwanted attention to yourself. 90-lbs. is more than enough to pierce a skull, so walkers are no problem (I did the watermelon-test and the coconut-test, which I consider to be more accurate).