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Open Thread: Revolution

Last night the second episode of Revolution aired. Pretty decent. I really like the set design (sucker for apocalyptic sets), like the flag waving, pro-gun rebels versus evil gun grabbing empire angle they've got going, and it seems like there's going to be plenty of action, which is always a plus. Don't really care for the main character girl or her bo-hunky frenemy guy with a bow, and like all TV shows, there's a certain amount of silliness you're going to have to look over.

But, 2 episodes in, I'm liking it, and a bit surprised with some of the angles their taking. The evils of gun confiscation is not something you generally expect to see coming out of Hollywood, but maybe (hopefully) we are entering into a different time. 

Who else is tuning in? What have you thought about the show so far?