> TEOTWAWKI Blog: October Photo Contest: Your Go-To Apocalypse Weaponry



October Photo Contest: Your Go-To Apocalypse Weaponry

Last October, we had a look at your zombie arsenals. It was epic and it was a heck of a lot of fun.

It's contest time again.

This year, we want to see your go-to weapons load out for when the dead rise, aliens land or Skynet becomes self aware. What will you grab on your way out the door for some monster hunting?

Tricked out AR15 or a WWII-era Garand? Crossbow maybe? Glock 17 or 44 magnum revolver? Machete, khurkri or fire axe? 

What are the Nazi Zombies going to have to pry from your cold, dead hands?

You get the idea, right? Best possible picture you can get of your weapons load out, with major points awarded for coolness and style. It's a photo contest, so you'll want to break out the real camera for this one.

"Weapons load out" can be whatever - heck, if all you've got is a sharpened mop handle, then roll with it. I'm guessing most will have some kind of long gun, a pistol and a blade or two. One stipulation: it has to be reasonable amount of stuff...like an amount of weaponry that you would actually carry. A golf bag full of shotguns and a wheelbarrow full of katanas...not so much.

Have fun - if your choices aren't the same ol' standard survivalist arms, all the better!

I will post up a few more rules-y type things closer to the end of the month, as well as details on what kind of prizes we've got in store.

If you'd like to add a prize to the "prize pool," hit me up at teotwawki.blog@gmail.com. Contest sponsors will get a shout out and link every time I post up contest photos, as well as good karma when the zombies do actually rise.

We'll start accepting entries on October 1st, so get ready to rock!