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Tip of the Week: Kindle App & Survival Manuals

If you've got a smart phone and a slew of PDF'd survival manuals (military field manuals and others), Amazon's Kindle app and Send to Kindle make it very easy to load your iThing up with valuable content--yes, beyond Angry Birds and Facebook!
  • Download the Kindle App for your device
  • Install the Send to Kindle app on your computer
  • Follow the instructions on both programs to associate them with your device & Amazon account
  • On your computer, navigate to your survival PDFs
  • Right click on the ones you want to add to your device. The right-click menu should have a new icon - Send to Kindle.
  • Click on Send to Kindle, select your device in the subsequent dialog Window, and then "Send".
The app uploads the document to the cloud, and then loads it on your device the next time you open the app. For off-grid use, you'll want to download the document to your device.

Don't have any digitized survival manuals? Military field manuals are the place to start, and you can find a whole slew of 'em here or via a simple Google search. Thanks to Bro. Randy for the link.

Of course, the best place for survival knowledge is in your brain, but having a library in your pocket isn't anything to sneer at. You will find yourself reading up on obscure topics while waiting around.

If you don't have some kind of smart phone, it's a worthwhile upgrade--on my iPhone, I've got a slew of books and manuals, a road GPS app, topo GPS app, weather radar, emergency band scanner, compass, alarm clock, as well as the usual camera, music, videos, web browser and other good stuff. Don't go anywhere without it. If you hate dealing with cell phone sales reps like I do, buying online is a good option.