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More Skullcracker

My hand forged, post-apocalypse zombie slaying knife of doom arrived from Church & Son's a few days ago, and it has received much drooling over since. Fairly easily the coolest thing I own...Randy did good work. Undead beware.

More pictures after the jump.

Close-up on the "dragon's teeth" d-guard. A d-guard serves multiple purposes--protecting your knuckles, aiding in retention and, of course, as an up-close-and-personal striking surface.

I can certainly check "own knuckle knife" off my list of life goals.

A lot of fun, great end result. Probably not amongst the most practical things I have, but life is short and generally too serious anyways.


  1. That's a pretty cool knife and that knuckle guard would be helpful in a life or death situation. I am jealous.

  2. Yeah, but can you board a plane with it ? Lol, that is a serious piece of toolage, Mr. Church did a fine job constructing it.

  3. I really like the primitive look of it.did it come with that sheath?

    1. Yep - Randy puts a ton of work into his sheaths, they're just as nice and neo-tribal cool as his blades!

  4. What fun! That knife just begs to be picked up and used. Good stuff!