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Food Bin Dump

This bin made a guest appearance in the background of my initial review of the Kifaru Longhunter. I had a few questions about it, so I thought I'd let you see all of what's inside.

It's roughly three week's worth of food for the T-Blog family--a lot of THRIVE stuff, some Mountain House, a few not really visible MREs and some misc snacks. Rice is about the most complicated thing to cook here--the THRIVE stuff is mostly add to boiling water and cook, and you probably know MH and MREs.

It's kept loaded up in the Rubbermaid Action Packer (Lowe's has these last I checked...about as good of a plastic bin as I have seen), and stored inside. Otherwise, this stuff would all be sitting on a shelf--this way, it's ready to go at a moment's notice.

This is in supplement to the three day's worth of food in our bug out bags (MREs, MH and snacks)--though we could probably get away with less food in our BOBs, I'm a worst-case-scenario kind of guy.

It's heavy, but I'm not going to be hiking with it.

We have a separate Action Packer with camp kitchen gear--stove, utensils, axe, fire kit, pots and pans. Yes, a can opener too. Bug out bags again have additional redundancy.

Just picked up some multivitamins to add to the mix...and we probably need a bigger thing of syrup, too. A couple other things need restocking, but that's the general bin.