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What have you been up to this week?

Here's your weekly check-in.

Today, the transmission decided to go haywire on my little Ford Ranger...limped into the shop and waiting back for an estimate. That'll be fun. Hopefully the repair doesn't cost more than the Ranger is worth! I hate blowing money on car repairs...a lot.

Took advantage of SKD's 4th of July sales to order up a couple little things...a VTAC padded sling and a few other bits. 'bout time I get my slings sorted out.

Earlier this week, finally dropped some coin on a used Kifaru bag - an OD green Longhunter. The smart/seasoned money seems to generally fall with Kifaru, and the more low-key hunting line called my name, so the Longhunter was it. I flat out needed some more space...my 2800 cu inch REI bag is pretty jam stuffed with pretty basic stuff. May end up parting out the bag, keeping the frame and going with a Hill People Gear pack bag/compression panel set up...we shall see.

Spent some time looking at these inflatable concrete canvas shelters...pretty cool. Good potential for a low-cost-but-rugged bug out shelter, especially when bermed in. Thanks to Bro. Randy for sharing.

We're eating a lots out of the background garden--TEOTWAWKI Wife is making up some salsa with homegrown tomatoes and peppers as I type. Reading up on planting some new stuff for the fall harvest.

Other than that, working on the $40 a week series, and I've started reading through Cody Lundin's When All Hell Breaks Loose again. It's one of my favorites. Also got TEOTWAWKI Son to watch some Man vs. Wild the other night--I know, I know--but Bear Grylls' frenetic pace is enough to keep his 3.5 year old mind engaged.

What have you guys and gals been up to? Anyone impacted by the power outages?


  1. Me and a few friends pitched some money together to order new kukris that are well balanced and able to replace most tools if all others are lost; the butt of the handle can be used as a hammer, the blade can skin, process meat, cut down trees, process wood, cut, slash, puncture, and who knows what else! Got a lighter weight sirupate model so there is less fatigue. Most kukris come with a small whittling knife called a karda, and a steelflint/knife sharpener called a chakmak. Should be in by a week or so, which is fantastic seeing that they are being shipped from Nepal to the USA!

  2. Not much preps wise going on here.

    Just finalized everything to get new flooring in my basement, replace my 18 year old water heater, and have a buddy of mine who's a paining contractor paint the basement. Which means that two weeks from now I'll be pretty broke, but I'll have what a very long list of home improvements, which I've been chipping away at for the last 2 years, done.

  3. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    Dont take it the wrong way, but I find it odd that so many people are so gung ho about survival/self sufficiency, but cant or wont work on their vehicles. Of course I go to great lengths to get vehicles that are simpler-less stuff to go wrong, and much better chance that I can fix it myself. Getting harder to find though.

    1. Not taken the wrong way at all, and I generally agree. I do basic stuff on my vehicles--brakes and such--but a transmission is outside of my ability/time/tools.

    2. Other than changing a head/tail light bulb, swapping out wiper blades & the battery, & changing a tire I can't work on my car. My cars engine doesn't even look like an engine, it's just a biggish box with some smaller boxes wired to it.

      It's a trade off. I can fix damn near everything on a '68 Ford pickup, but if I had an old truck I know I'd have to fix stuff on it.

      In '92 I bought a brand new Toyota which I had until 2005 putting 265,000 miles with the only mechanical failure (other than busted headlights) being one dead battery. The battery lasted several years longer than it was supposed to, so I'm not even sure we should call that a mechanical failure.

      In 2005 I bought a Ford Focus and so far I've got 100,000 miles of trouble free driving on it. I'm still on the original set of brakes and the 5 year battery still works fine, which I think is kinda amazing and awesome.

      So I'm covered. The chances of me being SOOL do to my car braking down are pretty slim.

      However, I keep putting off learning how to do some proper wrenching on my bicycles and I'm probably the worlds worst gunsmith.

      We all have areas we need to work on, but we're not all going to solve our problems in the same way.

    3. DiabloLocoJuly 06, 2012

      I learned how to make homemade wine earlier in the week. I finally convinced my father to show me how. He even gave me his recipe book! So now I have instructions on how to make about 40 different kinds of wine. From elderberry to blueberry, and everything in between. My father says that the alcohol content is usually between 12%-15%. I have already contacted a local bar owner to acquire empty bottles for free, but I have to stock up on some ingredients now though. Sugar, yeast,...etc. I already have these things, but not enough to make many large batches of wine, and still leave enough preps for other consumption. Most of the berries or fruit can be found nearby for free, so that's not an issue. The way I figure it, home-brewed wine will be a hot commodity after the SHTF. I will be making my first batch of blueberry wine tomorrow. Can't wait!

  4. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    Been doing maintenace on and practicing with my Coleman stoves and lantern. My 502 single burner and my 425 dual burner, both needed new generators; and I needed practice lighting and using my lantern. I've discovered that just owning these things, and planning to rely on them, just because you've had them for 20 years, probably isn't realistic.

    So that's my advise. If you own a Coleman stove or lantern, fire it up, and maintain it, so you won't be trying to get it running when you need it.


  5. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    Well, like many others, I saw that Dave Canterbury video on rat traps some time back and thought it worth investigating. Bought 4 of those traps, and after drilling a hole in corner of base, inserted an empty .22lr case with rear rim cut off to help keep it secured (trap tie-off). We have some small critters like that down south and it makes sense to have a method of gaining a quick snack. Anticipated bait - a small jar of peanut butter, dedicated for this use - should last for quite a while.

    We also went shopping and I found a pair of Arctic canteen cups (the funny looking square bottomed deals) for $5 a piece. I have a pair of those round artic canteens along with pouches but no cups - now thats fixed.

    That was pretty much it.

  6. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    Discovered that MD is pretty much unlivable without AC in a heat wave. Highs over 100 degrees F, and a power outage for three days made life pretty sweaty. Had a chance to practice with my preps; solar powered lights, flashlights, phone charger, radio, matches etc., but what I wanted most desperately was AC. It was a humbling experience, as even with running water, and restaurants with power nearby, three days really wore me down.

    On a related note, I discovered that a hammock is an invaluable asset for bugging in in a hot place, as it is so much cooler to sleep in than a mattress.

    1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

      Amen on the hammock in hot humid conditions - also gives you a chance to catch the night breeze, vs. covered by ground plants around you. Add the very light weight, and the ability to be placed pretty much anywhere you find two ends to tie to - hammocks are pretty awesome.

  7. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    The question was what have I been up to! At the end of the month, the UN is meeting in NY/NY Topic = Small arms treaty. Driving force Ms Clinton & Bam Bam. It is their attempt to wipe out private ownership of firearms and ammo. It is a "world-wide ban" concept. Prior to election Bammer said, 'I'm not interested in destroying the 2nd Amendment' Now we know that behind the scenes he is the New World Order's leading advocate of a total gun grab. By having it appear that this is a wholly UN move, that 'we must follow.....you know I am against it but..... It's the UN NOT ME! He ignores the fact that the USA has total VETO POWER over any UN move. He believes that he would have politically covered his ass, by shifting the blame to the "Big-Bad UN". This may be the point at which the antis WIN, PERIOD! I am not the paranoid gun nut running "the sky is following or the wolves, the wolves. The FACT IS, EACH OF US ARE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE A PERSONNAL DECEISON. I have made mine and I will not see the foundation, the underpinning of our Constitution & Bill of Rights {2nd Amend.} destroyed. I fought and bleed in a war I didn't even understand. I will sure as hell stand up against the loss of ONE MORE RIGHT! I haven't forgotten my skills.

    1. Doubt this one. Loosen up the tin foil a bit.

  8. I picked up 3x 15 round magazines for my AR-7, my Little Bro. is coming over tomorrow to target practice with pistold, I have also been putting up some vegetables from the garden as well as preparing the spot for my Fall garden. I hatched my first chicks from my own hens, I thought this may be something we want to get acquainted with.