> TEOTWAWKI Blog: What have you been up to this week?



What have you been up to this week?

Here's your weekly check-in.

Today, the transmission decided to go haywire on my little Ford Ranger...limped into the shop and waiting back for an estimate. That'll be fun. Hopefully the repair doesn't cost more than the Ranger is worth! I hate blowing money on car repairs...a lot.

Took advantage of SKD's 4th of July sales to order up a couple little things...a VTAC padded sling and a few other bits. 'bout time I get my slings sorted out.

Earlier this week, finally dropped some coin on a used Kifaru bag - an OD green Longhunter. The smart/seasoned money seems to generally fall with Kifaru, and the more low-key hunting line called my name, so the Longhunter was it. I flat out needed some more space...my 2800 cu inch REI bag is pretty jam stuffed with pretty basic stuff. May end up parting out the bag, keeping the frame and going with a Hill People Gear pack bag/compression panel set up...we shall see.

Spent some time looking at these inflatable concrete canvas shelters...pretty cool. Good potential for a low-cost-but-rugged bug out shelter, especially when bermed in. Thanks to Bro. Randy for sharing.

We're eating a lots out of the background garden--TEOTWAWKI Wife is making up some salsa with homegrown tomatoes and peppers as I type. Reading up on planting some new stuff for the fall harvest.

Other than that, working on the $40 a week series, and I've started reading through Cody Lundin's When All Hell Breaks Loose again. It's one of my favorites. Also got TEOTWAWKI Son to watch some Man vs. Wild the other night--I know, I know--but Bear Grylls' frenetic pace is enough to keep his 3.5 year old mind engaged.

What have you guys and gals been up to? Anyone impacted by the power outages?