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Tip of Week: Flashlight Duct Tape Wrap

A bit of gorilla tape makes for a handy bite spot when holding alight in your mouth. .
This tip comes from the Bush Hippy himself, Cody Lundin, mentioned in his excellent book When All Hell Breaks Loose. It's pretty simple, but it works well. Just wrap a bit of your duct tape of choice towards the end of your flashlight light. This gives you some extra tape on hand, but more importantly gives you a great surface for holding the flashlight in your mouth.
We've all had to do it - need both hands and light at the same time, and not had a headlamp handy - and biting down on a metal flashlight body just doesn't work very well--hard on the teeth, slips around, and the drool is inevitable. Just a little bit of duct tape makes things much better.

Yep - this won't work very well with some lights, with pocket clips and what not, but there are a lot of lights that this trick will work with. As you can see, the Fenix E11 from yesterday's $40 a week series is a great candidate--you'll also note the addition of a pocket clip, taken from an old Mini MagLite. The tape is not needed to hold the clip tight - it's a very snug fit on its own. This trick works on other lights, too - smaller AAA lights, Mini MagLites and others are good candidates.

Try it out!