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Tip of Week: Flashlight Duct Tape Wrap

A bit of gorilla tape makes for a handy bite spot when holding alight in your mouth. .
This tip comes from the Bush Hippy himself, Cody Lundin, mentioned in his excellent book When All Hell Breaks Loose. It's pretty simple, but it works well. Just wrap a bit of your duct tape of choice towards the end of your flashlight light. This gives you some extra tape on hand, but more importantly gives you a great surface for holding the flashlight in your mouth.
We've all had to do it - need both hands and light at the same time, and not had a headlamp handy - and biting down on a metal flashlight body just doesn't work very well--hard on the teeth, slips around, and the drool is inevitable. Just a little bit of duct tape makes things much better.

Yep - this won't work very well with some lights, with pocket clips and what not, but there are a lot of lights that this trick will work with. As you can see, the Fenix E11 from yesterday's $40 a week series is a great candidate--you'll also note the addition of a pocket clip, taken from an old Mini MagLite. The tape is not needed to hold the clip tight - it's a very snug fit on its own. This trick works on other lights, too - smaller AAA lights, Mini MagLites and others are good candidates.

Try it out!


  1. Nice tip but I would rather keep a headlamp around instead of using my teeth regardless.

  2. I agree completely...but sometimes you don't always have a headlamp.

  3. I bought 6 of these VIPERTEK VTS-989 Flashlight stun guns for Christmas presents. I got mine on ebay for less than $16 each with free shipping. When I bought 6 I got the seventh one free.

    My wife showed my sister-in-law the one she carries in her purse the last time the two of them went out of town together and my sister-in-law decided that was a must have item so we have put her one back for Christmas. The only negative I have about these is the carrying case belt loop is week and I had to super glue mineto reinforce it.

  4. Just wrapped all of our flashlights with gorilla tape this weekend. Took my time and made sure that everything lined up. For our kiddos, makes the handle bigger with a better grip.