> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Thoughts on the Colorado Shootings



Thoughts on the Colorado Shootings

The Colorado shootings are top of mind right now for many. Sad stuff, and something that I've been paranoid about--a movie theater is an obvious and easy target for a whacko gun rampage.

Of course, situations like this ignite the gun control debate, though even many Dems won't touch gun control with a 10-foot pole. I'm personally not overly concerned with another assault weapons ban or similar, at least until post-elections, if BHO wins it...and even then, it'd most likely be a non-starter in Congress. The majority of American people oppose new gun control measures, though Congress of course doesn't always listen to what the majority of people want. Not something to freak out about at this point.

Would conceal handgun carrier have made a difference? Probably. Yes, it was crap circumstances for getting a shot off on the bad guy, and he was apparently wearing body armor...not good odds for the good guy, but at least there's a fighter's chance. At a minimum, an armed response would slow the bad guy down and distract him from the slaughter.

The police were nearby but unable to respond in time to stop the rampage--and that's usually how it works. If an active shooter is going to be stopped, it's got to be by someone at the scene--concealed carry permit holder or off-duty police officer. I am surprised that the shooter surrendered without a fight...seemed to be prepped for gun battle with law enforcement, what with the body armor and all.

Am I still going to go see Dark Knight this weekend? Hell yeah. I'm not going to let fear of some whack job's actions stop me.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those hurt in this tragedy. Stay safe everyone.