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Thoughts on the Colorado Shootings

The Colorado shootings are top of mind right now for many. Sad stuff, and something that I've been paranoid about--a movie theater is an obvious and easy target for a whacko gun rampage.

Of course, situations like this ignite the gun control debate, though even many Dems won't touch gun control with a 10-foot pole. I'm personally not overly concerned with another assault weapons ban or similar, at least until post-elections, if BHO wins it...and even then, it'd most likely be a non-starter in Congress. The majority of American people oppose new gun control measures, though Congress of course doesn't always listen to what the majority of people want. Not something to freak out about at this point.

Would conceal handgun carrier have made a difference? Probably. Yes, it was crap circumstances for getting a shot off on the bad guy, and he was apparently wearing body armor...not good odds for the good guy, but at least there's a fighter's chance. At a minimum, an armed response would slow the bad guy down and distract him from the slaughter.

The police were nearby but unable to respond in time to stop the rampage--and that's usually how it works. If an active shooter is going to be stopped, it's got to be by someone at the scene--concealed carry permit holder or off-duty police officer. I am surprised that the shooter surrendered without a fight...seemed to be prepped for gun battle with law enforcement, what with the body armor and all.

Am I still going to go see Dark Knight this weekend? Hell yeah. I'm not going to let fear of some whack job's actions stop me.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those hurt in this tragedy. Stay safe everyone.


  1. It's a bit of nit-pick, but I keep reading and hearing that no one else in the theater had a gun, when we don't know that. We only know that no one else in the theater used a gun. Maybe they didn't have a clear shot. Maybe they saw a guy with a Glock and an AR and the drop on everyone and thought they'd get shot if they drew. Maybe they decided to run for it, instead of shooting. Or maybe, no one had a gun. We just don't know.

    Messed up situation and my heart goes out to everyone involved.

    1. Agreed. What's more, from WSJ:

      He "was dressed all in black, he was wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector and a groin protector and a gas mask, and black tactical gloves," said Mr. Oates, the police chief.

      Literally FULL body armor from the sounds of it. Engaging with any kind of handgun would have had a low success probability.

  2. This guy knew to disorient and cause confusion and chaos. I agree that it's very likely if anyone was carrying, they just didn't get a good opportunity to fire at him.

    My prayers are with all the families of this tragedy.

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012

    does anyone know the response time of police and ems?

    1. I'm reading 90 seconds on the news sites, which is pretty darn fast.

  4. I can only imagine at 2 minutes response time that the police were already very close. Unfortunately the shooter was very well prepared, seemingly confident and intelligent. My biggest curiosity is, what was his motive. It seems like chaos and just to do it and that is what I find scary. Otherwise my thoughts have been pretty much the same. I have no problem with reexamining gun control and mental health issues, but again, and unfortunately, not much will change in the end. Just to state my side of the issue, I am not for gun control and still like the story about the Florida man that defended himself at an internet cafe. It is very sad that things like this happen and just reiterates the need to mind your surroundings and to be prepared. Thoughts go out to the friends and family affected. Survival Preppers Blog http://survivalpreppers.blogspot.com/2012/07/shooting-in-aurora-co.html

  5. Shakespeare wrote in 1585

    "Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;
    Threaten the threatener and outface the brow
    Of bragging horror"

    No-one knows what they will do in a situation until it actually presents itself...Mourn the dead and educate the living.....
    AT LEAST, this bastard didn't kill himself so maybe an understanding of WHY can be ascertained.....

  6. The whole situation makes my heart so very heavy. I am just hoping that this does not inspire copy cats.

    It sounds like the police and emergency personnel did an amazing job. The interviews I have hear keep saying we were prepared due to Columbine which was so very close to Aurora.

    The hero stories are amazing! People saving people they did not even know.

  7. That theater must have been the definition of chaos. I'd be interested to hear about weather the local Hospitals were overwhelmed or not? This was one horrible but localized event. Now imagine several Jihadis conducting this same sort of operation simultaneously.

    How many gun shot victims can a Hospital take in at a time? I'm sure they spread the people out over several Hospitals but I'd still like to learn about that aspect of this event.

    1. Victims were taken to 6 hospitals in the area--triaged I'm sure, with the more serious being taken to the closer hospitals.

      Hospital capacity will vary greatly, and depend on the extent of the injuries.

  8. DiabloLocoJuly 21, 2012

    Nobody seems to be talking about one of the movie trailers that was shown before the start of the Batman movie. It is called "Gangster Squad". Toward the end of the trailer, it shows a scene where 5 "bad guys" open fire from behind the screen in a crowded movie theater, spraying bullets into the audience with machine guns. Judging by the trailer, the movie seems to be glorifying police abuses of power. Shirking the rules/laws....etc. Warner Brothers has pulled the trailer from theaters and is systematically erasing or restricting links to the trailer off of the internet. I found one that still works. Check it out-

    Also, it is very interesting that the shooter seems to be a registered Democrat.

  9. My sympathies go out to all of the victims and their families/friends.

    Aside for the obvious, expected 'we have to ban guns!!" backlash BS, I think the keyword for us all to consider is "Chaos". Weird, out-of-the-box stuff IS going to happen. No one yet knows why the whack-job went off. Maybe he tripped over a Batman comic when he was 5 and skinned his knee.. who knows?

    We have to tend more toward the old "Kung-Fu" TV show quote "Expect the Unexpected" than the more-modern "Doomsday Prepper" idea that "I know exactly what will go wrong". Be a generalist. If you have 80 lbs of Tamiflu and environment suits stored because you 'know' it will be a pandemic event, but only 72 hours of stored food and water because the electric power is down after a storm, and you can't get cash out of the ATM, you are just as screwed as a non-prepper. (An absurd example, just making a point).

    We all have to face the fact that any of us may not survive some given event. Your next-door neighbor's oven may be leaking, and when he lights his cigar, you might have your mortal remains blown into the next county. You might be carrying 2 .45s, and be the first person the whack-job shoots. We are all mortal and subject to the random.

    The more scenarios you consider, the better-off you are. Never get tunnel-vision. You pays yer money, and takes yer chances, but you can stack the deck in your favor, to some degree.

  10. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012

    personally it is a shame he did not kill himself, to much of a coward to face the armed police. The lowest form of human, right down there with pedophiles. The sad thing is we will have to feed him and care for him till he dies or some judge feels sorry for him in a few years and lets him go, miraculously cured of his insanity... too bad he did not die there.

    my prayers to those injured and killed by his hand.

  11. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012


    On behalf of the parents who lost their children that night, I make a request of all able bodied Americans. These wretched monsters are everywhere in our society. They are constrained by only a thin thread of fear or conscience. And further, many are numbed drugs. I am saddened that deadly force did not meet this cowards action that night. Response does not guarantee success, but there was no violent response to argue.
    Please make a habit of carrying a large semi auto that delivers a full power cartridge. And carry a minimum of two extra mags. If you find yourself in such a horrific situation, you have the option do battle on behalf of others. If your carry rig is only a J frame or a minimal semi auto, you categorically cannot sustain any effective battle response. I understand that the 'get off me' gun is our right, but I feel a responsibility to be capable of more.

    This is where the difficulty becomes evident. Armored opponents are harder to hit with effective fire. That being said, and assuming you could SEE he is wearing extensive armour... Multiple rounds to the lower arms and hands would have proven valuable and possible hits. Secondly, gas masks aren't bullet proof. Completing a mag dump or two into his face would be quite effective. I know, these are more difficult to accomplish that what we train for, but unconventional skills increase effectiveness.

    GOD BLESS THE INNOCENT, AND EMPOWER THE SHEEPDOGS AMONG US. Dear Lord, dull the pain of those who lost their children.

  12. God bless all the families affected.

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