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Cargo Pocket Survival Kit

I've had this cargo pocket organizer lying around for years, literally, not doing much. When Jack at Black Scout Survival invited me to enter into their slightly-larger-size-constraint pocket survival kit contest, I figured I'd give it a crack.

This kit is intended to serve multipurpose keep me alive duty, with contents to address major survival needs--a minimal gunshot wound kit, shelter, water bag and purification tablets, fire starting equipment, signalling equipment and some other essential items. It also packs a capable flashlight and multitool that those who have been following our $40 a week series will recognize--the Fenix E11 and Leatherman Sidekick.

Blow Out Kit
While you don't often see traumatic injury gear in a small survival kit, it can save your life in case of a serious laceration, gunshot wound, etc. I'm sure this is top-of-mind for many of us, given the tragedy in Colorado. The kit isn't a full-blown blowout kit, but it does contain a TK-4 tourniquet and a package of compressed gauze, as well as a pair of mini-EMT shears, a folding razor and a few safety pins. Gorilla tape and the water bag can be used to create an improvised chest seal if needed.

Kit Contents List:

It all fits!
  • County Comm BDU organizer (I think!)
  • Gorilla tape
  • 4x Fresnel Lens
  • Whirlpak water bag
  • 10 Katadyn purification tabs
  • Fenix E11 and spare AA battery
  • Mini Bic Lighter
  • Ferro Rod (don't think it made the picture)
  • Oscar Delta Folding Razor Saw
  • EMT shears
  • Watchband compass
  • Red Photon Covert light
  • About 12 feet of 250-lb test dacron cord
  • 6x TinderQuik pieces
  • SAR Global Tool Eclipse Signal System
  • AMK Heatsheet space blank
  • Leatherman Sidekick
  • TK-4 Tourniquet
  • H&H Compressed Gauze
While not perfect, this kit packs a lot of options into a comparatively small package.