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SAR Eclipse Signal System

The SAR Eclipse Signal System/boot model
Those who read through my personal PSK write up may remember complaints about finding a signal mirror that was compact enough to fit into tight spaces--a crammed survival tin, wallet or similar. The SAR Eclipse Signal System is exactly that--and it's well made, functional and pretty cool, too.

The SAR Eclipse comes in several different flavors, and I opted for the boot model, the most compact. It is two pieces, riveted together - the top, protective piece with a SOLAS dot for night time visibility, and the mirror underneath. The top piece has a lip bent into the top edge, which works as a clip for holding the Eclipse in place inside a wallet, on some spare webbing, or even as a money clip.

The overall package is roughly dog tag in size and the weight is negligible; it could certainly be worn as a necklace.

As a signal mirror, it works quite well and quite intuitively. If you've ever annoyed someone by reflecting light off of a watch face, you can figure out the Eclipse. Light reflection is very good, and used properly, should be visible from long distances. Aside from signalling, a small mirror is a handy thing to have for other purposes, too.

Thumbs up for this one--I will probably be ordering another few in the near future.

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