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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #36

This is my first take on a pocket survival kit, and it is made for my wife as a present for her upcoming birthday. As she works in town and has little need for fishing gear on a daily basis, it is intended to be a suburban survival kit, as well as a purse-sized tool-box. She also carries a Swiss army knife and a Laguiole L'eclair 3" folder.

List of contents:

    First Aid
  1. Rubber bands x2
  2. Large Band-Aid
  3. Small Band-Aid x2
  4. Blister pad
  5. Alcohol wipe
  6. Gravol x2, Ibuprofen x2, Aleve
  1. Boxcutter blade
  2. ~6' 550 paracord
  3. ~3' duct tape
  4. Crazy Glue
  5. Safety pins x3 (between the duct tape, the glue, and the safety pins, she should be able to fix just about anything)
  6. Needle & 12" thread

    Safety & survival
  1. Waterproof matches x4 w/ striking surface (because fire is mankind's greatest achievement)
  2. Flash light (I'm well impressed with this $3 Canadian Tire key fob light)
  3. Whistle
  4. Pencil
  5. Sheets of paper x4
  6. Hair elastics x2 (the elastics are used to hold the paper rolled snugly around the pencil, but can also be used to deal with a hair emergency)
  7. $20 bill (enough to get a taxi home, or to get lunch)
  8. Reflective band (because getting hit by a car sucks)