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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #35

This one comes with its own built in lighting system - a first!

Let me start by saying thanks to TEOTWAWKI for an awesome website and a great contest.  This was a lot of fun to put together and I learned so much from all the different entry's that I feel like I'm prepared for anything.

This is my urban kit with a little bit of everything in it.  I won't be needing to skin any antelopes with this one, just something for the city.  The best feature is the light that comes on when you open the lid.  I used a very thin strip of LED light ribbon and lined the inside of the tin with it.  I added a micro switch so when the lid is opened the light comes on automatically.  There is also a dedicated on/off switch for it as well.

1 12v battery.
1 Bandaid.
2 Days anti-radiation pills.
1 Stamp.
1 Razor blade.
2 Mini zip ties.
3 feet of paracord.
1 Mini carabiner.
1 Swiss army knife: scissors, blade, nail file, flathead screwdriver, tooth pick, tweezers.

1 Mini binder clip.
1 Super glue.
1 Adapter plug for 9v battery, provides another option to power the lights if the installed 12v battery runs dead.

Good luck to everyone and thanks again TEOTWAWKI!