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Biogas for Fuel

Check out this post over at John Robb's Resilient Communities, on the virtues of DIY Biogas Digesters. Think of Bartertown's pig waste power plant and you've got the idea--waste goes in and methane and a "fertilizer slurry" comes out. Basically septic a tank on steroids.

Build cost under a thousand in materials + labor, and supplies around 20 hours of cooking fuel or 5 hours of electricity, per day. The system will function indefinitely as long as there's waste coming in--totally sustainable. Effort is also minimal, freeing up labor to focus on other tasks.

Very cool. Sure, it's not as sleek and high tech as solar panels, and there's the collection and hauling around buckets of waste and associated unpleasantness, but it's cheap, sustainable and it works.

More details at Resilient Communities >


  1. Biogas is a good and proven "low-tech" energy technology. A gent by the name of Ram Bux Singh introduced it in India, way back in the late 60's/early 70's and it has become a very popular local energy source there. Indian resources on the web are a great source of information.

    Like composting, you can't do it very well in a milk jug in your kitchen. If you have a community that generates enough animal waste, can pour concrete (or find other alternatives) and are willing to 'shovel crap', you can generate fuel to cook, heat and run internal combustion engines (with alterations)

    At least keep the idea in mind for the future.

  2. And if it fails...you can eat your power plant

  3. RomeroNJulietMay 13, 2012

    All you need is the Thunderdome and you're well into Mad Max territory.