> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Arc'Teryx Makes the Case for Urban Wolf Grey



Arc'Teryx Makes the Case for Urban Wolf Grey

Urban survivors, check this out. Makes a compelling case for color choice in urban/industrial environments. And while Arc'Teryx does make some cool clothes, they certainly aren't the only company that makes things in grey.

I'm partial to the name, too :).


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    Sure, if you want your department to look like the Nazi SS.

  2. Hey if the Nazi SS were smart in their urban camo (prolly not why they picked those colors but whatever) then why not follow suit. You don't have to go around locking up jews but you can follow a smart uniform decision. Just because someone is wrong or evil in one way doesn't mean they can't make good decisions in another way. Its like an ak-47; just because you use one or think its a good weapon doesn't mean your a communist.

    But I don't think most police would want such a uniform--typically cops WANT to be seen, camouflage isn't one of their priorities. Rather its the opposite: police presence can deter crime so you'd probably want colors that jump out (like I dunno...blue) rather than blend-in. But for someone wanting to blend-in in an urban environment I think grey is a great option. Most of my gear is in black--after seeing this back when the Wolf posted it I'm now shifting towards grey.