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Pocket Survival Kit Entry #15

I put this kit together with the idea that the items in it should serve as many purposes as possible.   It is more intended as a SHTF survival kit, hence the cash (as things fall apart) and trade goods (afterwards).  Usage is intended in a backwoods bug-out situation for 1-3 months.  I usually keep well-stocked bags in my vehicles, but there could be a situation where this is all I have with me.

·         Gerber mini-lockback knife – I always have a Swiss Army knife with me, but I wanted a backup that I can beat on without fear of it folding up.
·         Swiss-Tech Multi-tool – for the pliers mostly, but it also has screwdrivers and wire strippers.
·         Single edge razor blades – scalpels, knife, emergency arrow heads.
·         Mini- Bic lighter
·         Potassium permanganate – in water balloons to save packaging and provide a little flexibility.  The permanganate can be used as a water purifier, antiseptic wash, and to create a chemical fire.
·         Glycerine – makes fire when mixed with the permanganate, soothes irritated and chafed skin, and acts as a skin-friendly lubricant when you need…a lubricant.
·         Neosporin – again in water balloons to save room.  Skin infections can be deadly.
·         Ibuprofen.
·         Knuckle and fingertip bandages – can also be emergency patches.
·         Butterfly bandages.
·         Fish hooks – besides catching fish, emergency fasteners, suture kit.
·         50’ fishing line – can also be used as thread for clothing repair or sutures.
·         5’ mechanics wire – heavier duty repairs, campfire pot stand or hook, snares, etc.
·         15’ heavy twine – building shelter, bow string, and can be unraveled into smaller threads for sutures, etc.
·         Ranger bands – myriad uses.
·         Needles – repairs, suturing, for trade in future situations.
·         Small pencil – leaving notes
·         Candle – hands-free small light, toy or treat for a child.
·         $50 emergency cash – bribes, purchasing gear, emergency note paper, tinder.
·          2 sapphires – portable wealth.  Worth a few hundred each.  Also, a psychological boost – having something beautiful in bad times.


Interested in entering the Pocket Survival Kit contest? Check out the details.
First prize will receive a neo-tribal forged survival kit from Randy Church, an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate Machine & Tool, $50 in credit from Shelf Reliance consultant Jade Garn, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, a copy of the Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and a $25 certificate from Paladin Press.  
Second prize will receive an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, as well as at least $30 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.   

Third Prize will receive a Choate Car Rescue Tool and at least $20 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.


  1. really nice kit, like the idea of precious stones and the balloons also. Balloons are small and could be used for a lot of things actually, good kit, well done...

  2. I like this one a lot. He thought of some interesting things that I haven't previously seen in a PSK, and it all looks well implemented. Nicely done!

  3. Nice kit, I like the small multie tool. That's something that is very useful but hard to fit in this kind of kit. Great job!