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Pocket Survival Kit Entry #14

From Loup espiegle:

POCKET SURVIVAL KIT (outside dimensions : 0.52" x 3.6" x 3.8" - full weight : 4.8oz)

- tin box
- small BIC Lighter
- 4x slim candles
- strong thread & needle
- guarana powder in the small container (could be replaced by salt)
- 2x 500mg paracetamol pills
- hacksaw
- 1Gb USB key with scanned personnal documents
- bandaids
- length of string
- safety pin
- Spartan SAK (may be replaced by a multitool)
- 14x Micropur pills (one per liter)
- balloon (water transport, though it's common to find a used glass bottle in "Nature")
- white LED & 3V lithium battery (takes no place, unlike a Photon Micro-Light)

LIGHT POCKET SURVIVAL KIT (outside dimensions : 0.4" x 3.5" x 3.9" - full weight : 2.55oz)

- plastic cigarrettes pack
- balloon
- 4Gb USB key with with scanned personnal documents
- 500mg paracetamol pill
- 10x strike-anywhere matches waterproofed with wax
- safety pin
- 10x Micropur pills (one per liter)
- synthetic thread & needle
- Excelsior-like SAK (very thin : 0.18" ; 1,8" & 1,2" blades)
- hacksaw
- 3x bandaids
- white LED & 3V lithium battery


Interested in entering the Pocket Survival Kit contest? Check out the details.
First prize will receive a neo-tribal forged survival kit from Randy Church, an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate Machine & Tool, $50 in credit from Shelf Reliance consultant Jade Garn, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, a copy of the Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and a $25 certificate from Paladin Press.  
Second prize will receive an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, as well as at least $30 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.   

Third Prize will receive a Choate Car Rescue Tool and at least $20 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.


  1. "white LED & 3V lithium battery"....thank you for this excellent tip.

  2. Selecting on of the SAKs with alox scales would save a bit of space, but lose the toothpick and tweezers.

  3. I took apart a bigger PSK which was too big/heavy for day-to-day life and I added new items such as the LED&battery or the USB key. There's no fishing line, hooks or snares, because it's not intended to be use in a remote area and food is not a priority in most survival situations. I could add a small gold coin, a red LED or a rudimentary lockpicking kit. I'd like to hear any suggestions !

    I'm looking for a small multitool but even Bear Gryls's Compact seems too fat for the tin box. I will include one in the bigger SK though.

    The LED&battery combo may not be user-friendly, so I should wrap some duct tape arround the box so that I can use some of it for a makeshift waterproof flashlight :-)

    Loup Espiègle, putting together SKs since the age of...

    1. I'm a huge fan of Leatherman's Squirt series of mini multitools. Here's what I carry on my keychain.

    2. I have one of the old Leatherman Micra's on my keychain, as well. For a 'stashable' microtool, I suggest checking the fishing aisle at Walmart, and check for a Berkeley-brand stainless steel "Fisherman's Tool", slightly smaller, containing a pen-knife blade, small sawblade, small and large flathead screwdrivers, small and large Phillips screwdrivers, bottle-opener, small scissors, needlenose pliers and keyring loop.

      The quality is NOT up to Leatherman/Gerber, but at 5 bucks ($4.95) a pop, you may be able to just stick one in every kit and anywhere else you might ever need one.

  4. There should be a series current limiting resistor with any LED otherwize the LED may not last long and discharge the battery quickly.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I knew I should add one but I thought I could get arround it. I'll see what can I do.

      I'm thinking about KI pills, may be worth it to include some in the kits, even if I don't have my dosimeter always on me.