> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Welcome to Shelf Reliance & Jade Garn!



Welcome to Shelf Reliance & Jade Garn!

I'd like to welcome our newest sponsor, Shelf Reliance consultant Jade Garn. Shelf Reliance sells a wide variety of food storage products--you probably know them for their range of can rotators/shelf units, but they also sell a pretty comprehensive line of freeze dried foods and staples. Here's her online store - lots to look at.

By ordering through Jade's consultant website, you get a discount from standard Shelf Reliance prices. Discounts are good!

What's more, Jade is offering some special deals for the month of February. If you sign up for their Q Club (basically a monthly subscription for storage foods), here's the deal:
  • Anyone who signs up for the Q at a $100 budget or more AND has it ship in the month of February gets a free pouch of vegetables of their choice.
  •  If your monthly budget is over $100 for 3 months in a row, you get the Platinum Membership free for life, along with the free Annual Fee for life. Platinum Members get shipping discounts, special products, rewards points, gifts, exclusive recipes and the lowest prices on Shelf Reliance products.
The Q Club is a pretty cool way to build up food storage without going into debt--you set your monthly budget, pick your products and Shelf Reliance ships them to your doorstep.

Jade also has a bunch of specials for February, which you can see by clicking here.

Anyways, we're glad to welcome Jade & Shelf Reliance on board. Please visit her site, peruse the products and see if any fit your needs.