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Update from Edwood7 - Zombie Contest Winner

Thought you guys might be interested to hear how Edwood7, the winner of our October Zombie Weaponry photo contest, has been using a couple of the prizes we sent his way. They're an OscarDelta Go Tube and a jumbo go tube that originally contained an OscarDelta survival bracelet. Pretty cool.

From Edwood7:

"I have been using the 2 go tubes a lot, but the small one gets use the most. I work all over Mexico and going to an ATM is not an option most days.

I use the small black go tube as a way to stash money. I have even buried it a few times with no problems. When I’m somewhere new that I don’t know very well, I usually find a place I can fall back to if anything would go wrong. If an escape and evasion type scenario would play out, I would go back to my emergency stash and pick up some essentials to help me get out of there.

The large go tube is in a long flare pouch on my vest, it’s where I store most of my CR123A batteries, I just add a bit of cotton between each battery so that they won’t rattle around and get damaged (the cotton in the tube can be used for other purposes as well). The fact that it is water proof is incredible useful for this type of thing, especially since I’m working in a lot of jungle areas."

 Glad that they're being put to good use fighting the good fight south of the border! If you're interested, check out OscarDelta's products on their website, here >