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Hill People Gear

Hill People Gear, owned and operated by brothers Evan and Scot Hill, specialize in innovative, function-driven designs for the back country traveler. The kind of stuff that you probably haven't seen before, but just plain makes sense when you see it in action. It's high quality, well-engineered gear made in the USA from the best quality materials.

For the past couple weeks, I've had my hands on the sleeping bag/poncho shown in the video, called the Mountain Serape. This is one awesome, multifunctional piece of gear--a poncho liner on steroids. Its one piece of gear that works as a blanket, poncho, poncho liner, great coat and a sleeping bag--talk about multifunctional. When you're traveling light, having a single piece of gear that can fill that many roles--and do it well--is a huge asset. The Mountain Serape delivers all around.

I've got a complete review in the pipeline, but wanted to give you guys a heads up while I'm working on finishing up T&E and getting up to the mountains for some good photos. It's certainly worth a few minutes of your time to peruse HPGs website--they've got some great product photos, free resources and some great entries in their forum. Check 'em out!

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  1. Looks like they carry some cool gear! That Serape looks pretty cool--look forward to the review.

  2. That Serape looks to be just the thing I have been looking for when hunting and facing staying out overnight by mischance. Thanks for the info.

  3. I've had my eye on their Serape and Kit Bag for a while, would love to hear more about both.

  4. I like their stuff, sent them an e-mail not long ago but haven't heard back. Their Mountain Serape looks similar in concept to the Norwegian Jerven Duk, which is used by the Norwegian military, check it out: https://jerven.secure.flexiweb.no/page/4432/ -- some friends of mine sent me one and it rocks for exactly the same reasons -- great multi-use item. Mine's the insulated version, so it's like a waterproof poncho-liner, uses zips to get into the same configurations the Mountain Serape does. Great kit, and I use mine all the time in the field.

    1. Their website mentions that they are out of office on a back country trip. I'd expect to hear from 'em soon.