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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #16

J. Bowie by Kabar

Big Blade, Big Knife it has many good uses, from spreading peanut butter, to butchering intruders. The easy to clean reflective stainless steel mirror finish will certainly keep the missus happy with her hair-do and appearance. I inherited this Bowie from my Dad and as a kid, I watched him target practice and clean catfish with it and when he passed, this was the first thing I asked for. Having it with me when/if  SHTF will give me COURAGE while waiting for HOPE.

DOB late 1960's (?)
1/8" thick
8-1/2" blade
13-1/2" overall [long enough]
Pine wood handle
Brass guard and tacks
Full tang [only way]
Cow hide sheath [I use the backside to keep edge]
Value: your life

Dan M. - Illinois