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TEOTWAWKI Blog Amazon Store

Hey loyal readers,

I've put together an Amazon Store with TEOTWAWKI Blog-recommended Christmas gifts - ideas if you're looking for ideas or tired of having people complain about how hard you are to buy for. I'm going to be adding a couple other sections over the next couple days. Post-Christmas, I'll probably keep it around for recommended items.

You can get to the store here or by clicking on the big ol' festive banner ad. The great thing about Amazon is that they offer the best shipping in the business, so no worries about last-minute orders making it in time for the 25th.

We make a small commission whenever you purchase something from Amazon.com off of a referral link from our site. Click this link and then purchase from Amazon normally. Any profits in turn go towards doing fun things like buying preps for review, running contests and so on. Your support is greatly appreciated.