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HOPE is finished!

Randy Chuch has completed the prize knife for the TEOTWAWKI Blade contest, and it is drool-inducing! Turns out it's not one, but two blades! From the master blacksmith himself -

Forged on charcoal, the “Roach” style blade was left as file-like as possible, the file handle end is curled over and a glass breaker filed in the end. Hot cut and filed, quenched in brine water, sharpened on stones. Shellac soaked Hemp wrap on the handle. Also an Antler button on a leather thong in case....you need a button.. No distal taper on this one, I wanted the end as strong as the back for sticking and chopping.

The sheath took some thought. Everything has to already be here. I looked threw the scrap box and found some horse hide scraps traded from a saddler and a piece of Warthog hide given to me by a exotic taxidermist friend. I’ve always been a fan of “Crow” style sheaths from the mid 1800's so this is what I came up with. Your belt goes over and threw the slot so you can move it around the body as needed. I wear them cross-draw on the left side.

I used the Kiridashi to cut out the leather and as a space holder for the Warthog pouch so it deserves to be a part of the package, plus with a hard rock you can start a fire with the back of it.

I enjoyed doing this set….Randy

Specs: 12" overall x 1 1/2" at the belly x 5 1/2" sharp

More after the jump! Huge thanks go out to Randy for providing the prize. If you want to lock your own Church & Son blade down, head on over to his website.


Check that out!