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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #5

From IronPrepper -

In the wilds of New England the ability to efficiently process wood may be the single greatest factor in off-grid survival. That is why it is my opinion that a large, heavy, survival blade is essential. The Ka-Bar Large Heavy Bowie does not compromise in this area. The length (9") and thickness (1/4") of this blade make it ideal for batoning through even the hardest wood. The nylon and leather sheath is sturdy and articulated between the belt loop and sheath-proper, enabling comfortable and safe carry. The size and weight of this knife makes it less than ideal for self-defense but without the ability to fuel a camp-fire (and thus the ability to secure all the survival necessities dependent on fire), one may not survive long enough to worry about intruders. If the blade's intimidating appearance isn't enough to settle a confrontation with an interloper, high-impact lead poisoning will do the job. For everything else, I'll rely on this Ka-bar.

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