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Review: Choate Telescoping Stock

There are a variety of stocks out there on the market, but Choate Machine & Tool's has a special feature that is absent from most competing designs. Built in storage - and not just a wimpy single-cell tube. No, the Choate stock has a long storage compartment located on either side.

Each compartment is a bit bigger internally than a OscarDelta Go-Tube - they're CR123A in diameter and capable of holding three CR123A batteries, plus a bit of extra space. With both tubes, that's six spare batteries. Six CR123As is a pretty decent backup - if you're running a 2 cell light flashlight and say an Eotech XPS-2, you'd have at least two complete spare sets of batteries. If you're running AA powered devices, each compartment will hold two AAs.

The contents of one storage compartment. A bit of foam keeps the batteries from rattling.
Of course, you could also use the space for gear other than batteries. Spare parts - springs, pins, firing pin and so on - is an obvious one. A minimal cleaning kit could be another option--you could certainly load one up with cleaning patches and a bit of lightweight line for an improvised bore snake. Another option could be a fire starting kit - you can squeeze a decent sized ferro rod blank, scraper and tinder into one of the compartments. The compartment is watertight so no worries about contents getting soaked.

Aside from the storage compartments, the Choate stock is very well made. The plastic is harder, thicker and sturdier than the traditional military style--it's tough, rugged stuff that will stand up to hard use. It ends in a nice, grippy non-slip rubber buttplate. The stock includes three different places to attach a sling - including a traditional sling attachment point and a quick-release point. And the angled sides make for a good, comfy cheek weld.

The Choate stock is five position versus the six positions of some other stocks, but that's about the only downside that I can see. It's a pretty nice piece of kit and a definite upgrade from the basic telescoping stock. While I am not generally an advocate for trying to strap survival kits onto rifles, the storage compartments on this stock are well executed and are small enough to not add noticeable bulk or weight.

You can get the Choate stock directly from Choate Machine & Tool. It comes in either a mil-spec standalone or a full kit with a commercial-sized version.

Disclosure: This stock was provided by Choate Machine & Tool for purposes of trial and review.