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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #11

The Percheron- 10" OA, 5.5" Blade, Waxed Jute handle.

I have been in the testing and evaluation game for several years, and the knife collecting and trading business even longer. It was not until the past two years, however, that I got into the amazingly satisfying pastime of knife making. My submission is a prototype design I dubbed the Percheron, after the English workhorse. I dabble in both stock removal and traditional forging techniques, and this is probably a good hybrid. I rough cut the shape out of a piece of saw blade, previously annealed, and the set to work refining the shape. It may have been the fact that I didn't like the shape, or perhaps that I just wanted to pound on some hot steel, but I did end up bashing on it a little bit. The heat source for this operation was a MAPP torch as my charcoal forge is in a hundred pieces all over my garage floor right now.

I would also most likely be carrying either one of these, as they rotate into my EDC.

And as a parting thought, a Zombified picture with one of the best backdrops on the market :-)

Have a good one.

- Josh @ SurvivalCache