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Dave Canterbury is living in a yurt

If you haven't been following Dave Canterbury's YouTube channel lately, you should be. Amongst other things, he's decided to spend the winter (or at least a few weeks) living in a yurt. He's been posting up several videos per day - I think he's been pretty bored in the yurt. Anyways, he's posted up a lot of interesting and educational stuff, and it's all free on YouTube.

Dave is known for his wilderness survival skills, but he definitely also looks at things with a prepper mentality. Part of his reasoning behind the yurt would be using it as a semi-permanent shelter in a bug out situation. While I would probably go with another design than the yurt - it looked to be fairly complicated to set up - I think the idea has merit. With a yurt/tent and wood stove, you can survive in relative comfort and have the ability to relocate your "home" if needed. It ain't the Ritz Carlton, but a set up like this is within reach for many of us, versus a full-scale bug out compound. With the right location, water nearby, a few concealed fighting/observation positions, minimal solar set up and some good food stores, livestock and garden and you could do pretty well. A lot better than a debris hut or the dream bug out fortress that you're 30 years away from being able to afford.

Thought I'd pass along a heads up to those of you who don't subscribe to Dave's YouTube channel or check it very often. As of writing, he's up to Journal of the Yurt #28, which is about the spices that he packs in his long term kit.

Prior to his Yurt adventures, Dave did another interesting series of videos on field reloading/improvised loads for the 12 gauge shotgun. Good stuff to watch, even if it's just for educational purposes. I've embedded a couple of my favorites from both series after the jump.

You've got to appreciate how Dave has stayed true to his roots after the success he's had with Dual Survival on Discovery. Massive thumbs up and thanks to him for continuing to do what he's doing.