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Tip of the Day: US Cav Deal

Gear Hog is having a $50 for $25 deal for USCav.com running for the next day or so. Pretty good deal - USCav has some good survival-ish stuff.

EDIT: I actually bought into this, and after poking around their site for a while, I'd recommend against it.

U.S. Cav has an okay assortment of gear, their prices are the same as anywhere else, maybe a little bit more--but they want to charge a ridiculous amount for shipping. I'm looking to pick up a couple small-ish MOLLE pouches and they want to charge me $13 on shipping! So you save $25, but they end up reaming you on shipping costs. US Cav needs to get updated to 2011, when competitors offer flat $5 shipping or no shipping charges at all. NOT a deal in my book. They also force you to set up an account--no option for guest checkout. Boo!

EDIT 2: I e-mailed the folks at Gearhog, and they were happy to offer a refund. If you bought into this and don't want to suck up silly shipping costs, I'd recommend asking for a refund. Thumbs up for Gearhog, thumbs down for US Cav.