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Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #19

The contest is closed to new entries, but I've got a few more left to post up! We will announce the winners on Friday.

From EDVedr21:

Here's what I have:
DPMS AR-15 with 16 mags (5 factory and 11 military M4 - 480 rounds), long range scope, red dot scope and detachable lead sights (when batteries run out)
Beretta 92FS 9mm with 19 mags (4 factory and 15 military M9) 285 rounds
Taurus Judge Magnum (3" barrel and chamber) 5 rounds
S&W Sigma 9mm with laser sight and 4 mags (60 rounds) BOB pistol #1
Ruger LC9 with 2 mags (14 rounds + 100 round box) BOB pistol #2
Mossberg 500 12ga pistol grip pump with scabbard and 25 shell bandolier (31 rounds total)
Range bag with cleaning kits, gun tools, shooting gloves, binoculars, and batteries for scopes.
22" Billy club
15" Jungle combat hunting knife
14" M Tech combat knife
13" Hatchet
12" Tomahawk tactical fighting knife
12" Bayonet
11" CRKT Ultima spear point with tactical leg sheath
10" SHARP hunting knife
UTG Deluxe Tactical Vest with gunbelt to carry:
Beretta + 4 mags
Judge + 6 shells
Mossberg in scabbard on back with 25 shell bandolier on shoulder
4 AR mags
Tactical flashlight
Additional Ammo:
2400 9mm rounds
520 9mm personal defense/hollow point rounds
500 .45 long colt rounds
460 various .410 shells
840 .223/5.56 cartridges
175 various 12ga shells
3 storage tubs (2 months supplies for two) and 2 bug out bags (72 hours each) stocked with food, water, 550 cordage, tarps, various knives and sharpeners, scissors, muti-tools, dust masks, compass, ponchos, solar blankets, tent, sleeping bags, 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat, toilet paper, paper towels, first aid kits, Dynamo radio/flashlight, rope, light sticks, flashlights, batteries, candles, blankets, canteen, trench tool, various firestarters, hygiene kits, pet supplies, etc.
With my SUV parked in the garage, everything can be loaded in less than 10 minutes and we are on way.

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