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Tip of the Day: Massif Fire Resistant Clothing

In a combat, survival or TEOTWAWKI situation, fire and burning will be a serious threat. In a sustained grid-down scenario, many towns and cities will end up burning to the ground. No electricity, , people cooking and working with fire, lots of abandoned buildings, no organized/modern fire department...not a good mix.

Just about everyone know how to rig together a simple molotov cocktail or firebomb, and they are an obvious weapon to use against a "hardened" defensive position like a fortified home or retreat. Can't get into the place? Just burn it down.

In a collapse, civil war situation or if you're an armed professional, explosives and IEDs may be a serious concern. That's what these clothes are largely intended for, and from first-hand accounts, they work.

And, of course, there's the average everyday stuff. Many people work with and around fire or heat. If you're a regular air traveler, plane crashes = fire.

Anyways, getting burned is bad. Melty synthetic clothing only makes the problem worse. Massif's clothes are fire/burn resistant and protect you from that fire and burning. They're in use by the armed forces, so it's pretty legit stuff. The clothes look pretty cool too - TAD-ish, even.

Massif's FR clothing isn't cheap, but protective gear--stuff like rifle plates and gas masks--generally isn't cheap, probably for good cause. Somethings you don't want to cut corners on. FR clothing is something that's rarely discussed in survival circles--something to take a look at.

Thanks to reader WB for passing this along.

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